Travel comes at a cost. Every time you plan for a trip, the expenses that you will incur stay at the back of your mind and the pressure that comes with that may cause you to make less than ideal travel plans. While traveling may be costly, you could still save money by capitalizing on multiple traveling opportunities that exist.


The cost tends to go higher, especially when you are traveling with your partner, children, family members or friends. It is possible to travel on a budget and you can still save a lot of money. Making smart travel decisions can save you a significant amount of money.

Here are 10 ways to save money for travel:

Choose Low Seasons

Flights and accommodation prices are usually hiked during peak travel seasons. The opposite is true during low seasons. There are so many deals that are available during low seasons, which can get you the much-needed discount to enable you to stay within your budget and save money in the process. You can also take advantage of Undercover Tourist ticket discounts when visiting the places you love.

Visit the Countryside

If you are looking to have the local just like the residents, you should consider visiting the countryside or the suburbs. You can do this by renting a house in the countryside which will allow you to live with the locals. Renting a house in the countryside is much cheaper compared to booking a hotel in the city.

Take Advantage of Free Tours

Most tourist destinations include tours that you pay for; however, you can get free tours from the locals. You may be required to tip the local tour guide at the end of the tour which will cost you less. Your travel expenses will be significantly less and you will have a great time at sightseeing with a local resident.

Eat Street Food

Most people’s idea of a vacation revolves around sophisticated meals in classy restaurants, but they are truly missing out on the local cuisine. Health concerns that come from eating street food are legitimate, but you can look at how the food is being prepared so that your health concerns are addressed. Street food is much cheaper and it represents the local cuisine.Use Public Transport

You may be tempted to rent a car during your vacation, but this is a way expensive option. Public transport may be less than ideal due to the many people using it, but it will significantly reduce your travel costs. Using public transport like buses will allow you to mingle with people, which will give you a chance to socialize with them.


Join Travel Groups

Some tourist destinations are common for many people and you should check with your friends or co-workers if they would love to visit the similar destinations like yours. You can form a sightseeing group with them or ask to join groups that already exist. People who travel in groups get low tour prices and you can benefit from this.


Create a Budget and Compensation Plan

You need to create a budget before you travel so that you do not surpass your daily expenses. The future, however you plan for it tends to be unpredictable, therefore, when the day comes when you spend more than your daily budget, you can compensate for the increased expenditure by spending less the next day and still stick to your budget.


Work Abroad

The United States government and the European Union have a program that allows people under the age of 26 to legally work in Europe. You can apply for a job in Europe and when you land it, you can visit the tourist destinations you love in Europe. If you love traveling you should look into overseas job opportunities which will allow you to vacation at low costs.


Pack Smart

You should use carry-on bags while you are traveling to minimize the items you carry for your trip. Carrying a lot of luggage could be cumbersome and could increase your transportation costs. For your daily escapades, you can use your carry on bag to carry essentials. The good thing about packing fewer items is that you get to shop for anything you are missing which is fun.


Travel Slow

Some people live their lives as if there is no tomorrow which is not bad but it could be expensive. Instead of visiting many tourist destinations at once, you can choose to visit one at a time. The world is so big and you have your whole life to visit the destinations you desire, so to save money on travel, stick to traveling slow.


A vacation is mostly a way people zone out from the world of the living and revel in the beauty of the universe. It is fun and relaxing to travel around the world, but you need to ensure that you have a life to come back to. Use the above-mentioned tips to make smart travel decisions, save money and enjoy your vacation within the limits of your budget.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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