We love Salisbury Playhouse; there are always fun things on during the holidays so we try to get there when we can. This half term we were pleased to be invited to see a show called Great Odds at the Playhouse. 


I prefer productions in the Salberg Theatre because they’re smaller and more intimate. And kids’ theatre is always more fun. As we walked into the theatre the actors were already there, welcoming us all in. S was very pleased when they noticed her silver boots and gave her a big thumbs up

The show itself is about the Great Odds Theatre (they’re great because they’re odd!) which is under threat and must come up with £500 by tomorrow in order to avoid being shut down. There was audience participation, which was brilliant and made for an enjoyable show in places – especially when one of the kids in the audience decided the main character should be named Smells!

What makes this production different is that is also incorporates sign language. One of the performers is deaf and aside from a couple of stints as an angry cloud, she communicates entirely in sign language, interpreted by one of the other characters. S was fascinated by this and watched the woman’s hands intently as she expressed herself. 

Another of the characters is mute and communicates only with music, including use of a kazoo and a flute. This was great fun to watch and there were some brilliant sound effects.

The message behind the story is lovely too; there’s a bit about dreams being powerful and changing the world, and a section where audience members are invited to tell everyone their dreams. 

What I especially liked was that the “bad guy” from the beginning of the story is ultimately used to help the hero achieve his dream. And at the end, when you think there’s going to be a sad ending, they manage to turn it around – all secret ninja lessons for children to learn!

I asked S what her favourite part was; she said it was the part where the puppet was sleeping and did a fart. So there you have it; something for every sensibility.

Great Odds is on tour at present; you can catch it in Bath, York, Newcastle and Islington (dates here). In our opinion it’s definitely worth a watch.
Our next trip to the Playhouse will be during the Christmas holidays; we’re off to see Little Robin Redbreast which is running from December 11th to the 31st. It’s written by the same team who came up with last year’s The Night Before Christmas which we both loved, and we’re really looking forward to this one. 



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Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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