I can remember my sister watching Teletubbies when she was little. She was at that sort of age right about the time the Teletubbies got absolutely massive, and there was that Christmas when parents were clobbering each other in toy shops to get the last Po cuddly toy. 

Now Teletubbies is back, just in time for S to enjoy watching them. The production company says:

Teletubbies has been one of the most iconic children’s series of the last 19 years. The new series features the same loveable characters as the original but has been refreshed to bring a more contemporary look and feel to it. We would love to hear if your child truly enjoys and engages with the new series.

We found the new Teletubbies on iPlayer to enojy together. This was quite nostalgic for me, as I can remember enjoying the original Teletubbies with my sister when I was babysitting her as a teen. I was pleased to find that S enjoys it as much as my sister did!



S’s favourite Teletubby is Tinky Winky – she says she likes him having his turn. She loves it when they make Tubby Toast too.

What I like about the show is that with all these old movies and TV shows being given the high-tech CGI treatment, the Teletubbies are still clearly people in costumes. The production has been brought up to date and there are a couple of other additions, but it’s still the same TV show I enjoyed with my sister… with Jim Broadbent doing the “Time for Teletubbies!” bit at the beginning! S is mostly glued to the TV when it’s on…

samaire watching teletubbies

There are “Tiddlytubbies” too, which I don’t recall being in the original show. They’re baby Teletubbies, and one of the Teletubbies gets to go in and play with them. S loves to watch this bit because I think older children love to play with younger children and feel that they’re helping out the grown up by taking care of them so watching a Teletubby caring for the Tiddlytubbies is relatable for her.

There are numerous episodes of Teletubbies available on iPlayer, so if you’re not able to watch it on CBeebies at 7am you can catch loads of episodes at your leisure. Because we have the iPlayer Kids app, S is able to watch Teletubbies

teletubbies iplayer kids



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