Starting a business is exciting; there’s so much possibility… but it can also be quite stressful. Here are some things to help make starting your new business less stressful and more positive:

Plan your marketing

Marketing is a key consideration for any business – but especially a new one. Word of mouth can work well in the first couple of months, but before long your social media friends will tire of hearing about your business venture – you need to get word out further if you’re going to succeed. A solid marketing plan can help you to ensure you last longer and keep growing

Invest in your website

You might think you can get by with just a social media presence – and you would be right in the short term. The problem is that you don’t own that platform – and the powers that be at your social media site of choice could decide to pull the plug at any moment. We’ve all seen the chaos that ensues when a social media site goes down for a few hours – imagine how much more stressful that would be if your entire livelihood was dependent on the site coming back online. Having your own site means you can use it to really showcase your work and your expertise, whatever field you are in. You can also work on building links to your site so that more people see it. A service like can help with link building to ensure your website has plenty of inbound links and a great online presence.

Set up an email list and use it!

Following on from the previous point, an email list is a great way of ensuring you stay in touch with your client base. It is data and information on your clients that you own and maintain, and you can use it to serve your customers in the best possible way. A great way to start this is by using a CRM service like that provided by They also provide cloud software, so you can have all of your business management and administration in one place.

Do your research

Sitting on your sofa one evening thinking “I could totally run a business selling cupcakes” is not the same as researching the market and finding out whether people would buy your cupcakes – and crucially, whether enough people will buy your cupcakes every month so that you can pay the mortgage on time. Research what’s involved in setting up and running a business. Do you need insurance? Hygiene certificates? Will you need a delivery truck or a retail premises? If so, how much will all of this cost – and how long will it be until you are turning a profit?

Pay attention to the small details

It’s often the small details that can trip up a new business owner. Things like ensuring your back door has the right lock to fit insurance requirements, or that everyone has done the necessary safety training can make or break a business. Luckily there are services like which can help with safety training management. It may also be worth speaking to other business owners to see which small details they wish they’d known about when they started out.

Treat your staff like family

Small business owners can’t compete with the big established companies when it comes to wages or perks, especially when you’re just starting out. What you can do is make your staff feel valued and appreciated. You probably can’t afford to give them a big bonus at Christmas, but you could give them some extra time off – or even just write them a personal note thanking them for their service. You may be surprised by the loyalty and dedication people will show if they feel their employer really values them. This is the difference with working for a small business – not being just another replaceable cog in the machine, but being treated as a human being. What could you do to make your team feel appreciated?

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