Every parent wants the best for their little ones, single or not. Being a single mother can be a difficult journey, with more ups and downs than the world’s longest rollercoaster. If you have recently committed yourself to this path, here are five ways that you can implement to make your journey easier.

  1. Self-Care

Being a single parent can, and will, often leave you feeling exhausted and burnt out. Bad days are unavoidable due to the stress and responsibility that you carry on your shoulders daily. No matter how busy you get, or how hectic your schedule is, do not ignore your self-care needs. Taking care of yourself is important if you want to be the best parent possible for your child.

  1. Ask For Help

The most important thing you need to learn as a single mother is to always ask for help when you need it. You should never feel like you are all alone, particularly when times get tough. Learn to lean on your close friends and family as your dedicated support system; they would probably be more than happy to help you. Browse childcare on Care for Kids for childcare options to suit your needs. There are also several single-mother support groups that you should join because having a close circle of friends who understand what you are going through will make all the difference in the world.

  1. Stay Positive

The best way to deal with any difficult situation is to believe that things will get better. A positive attitude and outlook will change your entire life, this might seem a lot easier said than done but you just need to take that first step. Start your journey to positivity with a single smile, this small gesture will have a ripple effect on the rest of your life. 

  1. Embrace Structure and Routine

Children need structure and routine to help them develop healthy coping skills for dealing with stressful situations that would ordinarily have them feeling overwhelmed. This kind of consistency is beneficial to their mental health and wellbeing and helps to establish normalcy. By embracing this parenting style, you can provide your children with the security and comfort they need to feel stable. Your kids need constant, predictable levels of care, which means that you need to be there for them no matter what happens. By embracing schedules and routines from an early age, children will learn what is expected from them and what behaviours to avoid.

5. Try To Not Feel Guilty

It is too easy for a single mother to feel guilty about the choices that led her to that space. Single mothers should never spend their time worrying about the decisions they have made, or the impact those decisions will subsequently have on their children. There is no valid reason for two people to stay together for the sake of their children – often, that has the opposite effect. Your first step is to shake the guilt off and bravely step into your new chapter; with a lighter soul and a happier heart.

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Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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