Over the years, the United States Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has reported several cases of lung illnesses believed to result from vaping products and cigarettes. Symptoms of these illnesses included chest pains, shortness of breath, breathing difficulties, and so on. What’s even scarier is that some of the patients have been left with severe lung damage while others have lost their lives. Surprisingly, most victims are healthy young people who bought these products on the streets.

Among the people who have been through this ordeal, CDC found traces of vitamin E on either the product they inhaled or on their lung tissues. But while this is horrifying, it doesn’t mean that all vaping products will harm you. In this piece, we will take a look at vitamin E and why it shouldn’t be used in nicotine vaping products. Without further ado, let us dig into it.

The correct way to consume Vitamin E

Vitamin E is perfectly safe if you ingest it to get into the body through the digestive system. The same cannot be said about smoking it because it is lethal when inhaled. This explains why liquid vitamin E is not used in vaping products. You probably have heard that some people associate vaping with lung damage. Vitamin E can cause this kind of harm to your lungs if you vape it.

Fortunately, vapers can avoid harm from vaping by buying quality e-liquids. One useful source for genuine vaping products including e-liquids is the leading manufacturer, epuffer. The company has a great reputation for producing the best vape supplies for many years.

The effects of liquid vitamin E on your lungs when vaped

The role of your lungs is to efficiently exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide. When inhaled through vaping, vitamin E interferes with this process. It forms a layer of impurities on the internal surfaces of your lungs, preventing them from functioning properly.

When it comes to e-liquids, viscosity has to be controlled. This is done using vegetable oil and propylene glycol. And the good news is that these components do not exhibit any toxicity in vaping. However, nicotine is not oil by any means. As such, there is no need to thicken it with any agents.

If vitamin E becomes a component of vaping products, the health of vaping enthusiasts is put at immediate risk that could land them in Accident and Emergency. The chances are that the user will be in a life-threatening condition. As such, it is unnecessary and dangerous to even try and mix vitamin E and nicotine in vaping products. The leading vape products brands in the world understand this and take precautions to protect their customers’ well-being.

So, what do experts do when making vaping products?

Scientists such as biochemists are at the forefront of the mass production of vaping products. They have one job and that is to ensure the e-liquid meets the required standards. The ultimate objective is to make the products are as safe as possible and see to it that no traces of vitamin E exist.

When buying e-liquids or any other nicotine vaping products, you should exercise tremendous caution. You want to use a product that will not compromise your health. Buying just any product on the streets without proper research is not the way to go.

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