Working out how you’re going to redecorate your bedroom on a shoestring budget, without having to put your life on pause? Redecoration projects don’t have to take a lot of time or energy, contrary to popular belief. Integrating a couple of simple bedroom decor tips into your space can help you get the most out of your bedroom, without all the fuss. 

Whether it’s finding the perfect mattress dimensions for your space, or simply picking out a throw blanket that’s a solid accent piece for your armchair, there are a ton of easy ways you can redo your bedroom without having to rework your entire room. Here are some top tips for refreshing your space, with minimal effort: 

Tip #1: Finding The Right Mattress Size For Your Room

When it comes to picking out a bed, most people are more concerned about comfort. Finding the right mattress size for your space can actually make a significant impact on your personal comfort, as well as the look and feel of your bedroom.

Generally speaking, most interior design experts recommend finding a mattress size that permits about two inches around the perimeter of your bed. This is going to ensure you’re not overcrowding your space with a mattress size that’s too big, keeping your bedroom decor in focus. 

Another thing to consider when reviewing mattress sizes for your space is the number of sleepers who will be using the bed. For instance, if you’re sharing your bed with a partner, but live in a smaller bedroom, a queen or full mattress size is going to work best for your needs.

Tip #2: Integrating Accent Pieces You Know Have Purpose

 Another simple, functional, and effective way to switch up the bedroom decor in your space is by integrating more accent pieces in your bedroom. Accessories such as faux fur blankets, bedroom rugs, and bedroom lamps can all contribute to a space that looks cozier, and more inviting in general for your space. 

There are a few reasons to bring accents into your bedroom decor – the first is for contrast. If you have a monochrome bedroom, incorporating a few colorful accents can really help brighten up your space, and add elements of interest. If you want to add a few cozy points to your bedroom decor, then thinking about the function of your accents can help. 

For accents that are a touch cozier, you might want to consider the comfort aspect of your accents. A plush throw blanket can help add some extra softness to your bed, while an area rug can keep the surfaces of your floor warmer for when you need that extra burst of motivation to get out of bed in the morning. 

Tip #3: Minimize Clutter Using Bedroom Furniture 

Mattress size isn’t the only thing that makes an impact on your bedroom decor and how cluttered it may feel. If you have a smaller bedroom, it is especially important to be strategic about your choices in bedroom furniture. 

Be sure to pick out bedroom furniture that actively allows you to save space rather than taking up additional space in your room. Furniture that can help with these include nightstands, closets, and mattress frames with adjustable heights, that allow you to store any miscellaneous belongings underneath your bed. 

Tip #4: Use Bedding That Promotes Rest

Your bedding can make a significant impact on the overall look and feel of your bedroom decor. Everything from the type of sheets you choose to the colors and tones of your bedding can make a difference, so it’s important to be picky when it comes to making the choice for you. 

Picking out breathable, cooling sheets can contribute to a great night’s sleep, and make for durable, easy to manage bedroom decor. Bamboo sheets, in particular, can be really beneficial for getting a cool night’s sleep. Cotton bedsheets are an equally good choice. Choosing cool, calming tones or pastel shades can also help contribute to the overall look and feel of your bedroom decor. 

 When you’re planning to redecorate your bedroom, it helps to realize you don’t have to go all out to hit the reset button. Simple bedroom decorating ideas come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, whether it’s simply in buying some new sheets or thinking a little more about how you want to be organizing excess clutter in your room.

Once you’ve picked everything from the best mattress size to bedroom decor, you’re going to be left with a space that feels true to your sensibilities, one you can really call your own. Your bedroom should be your personal sanctuary, and by using some of these tips and tricks in your own space, you’re going to find yourself wanting to stay in more than ever! 

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