While the world wasn’t ready for the enigma that is Louis Tomlinson, the same was proven right yet again when his debut album walls managed to enter the iTunes charts once again at #1 8 months after the release of the album.

When everyone thought that Louis’ album won’t even make it to the top of the charts, his album climbing over 1000 spots in the iTunes chart not a week but 8 months after the release on January 31st.

Not only is the album a masterpiece, but the unconditional support between the fans and Louis is also what blossomed yet another record that no one thought was possible. 

The album also managed to hit #1 in 20 countries including United States, UK, and even India. And while Louis’ US label took to their Instagram handle to share this success, Louis himself came on Twitter to show his gratitude for the constant support that his fanbase has been consistently showering him with.

The debut album, Walls, consists of 12 bangers, all depicting the kind of versatility that Louis is known for. From peppy beats in Always You to melancholy harmonies in Only the Brave, this singer and songwriter have managed to capture emotions with his words.

Walls, an indie pop-rock album, is based on the cornerstone of what Louis Tomlinson was known for back in his days in One Direction – his lyrics and unique voice.

Initially, after its release, Walls was placed at #9 in the US Billboard 200, making it the first new album in almost 9 years to make it to the top 10 under Arista Records, now managed by David Massey.

The album also debuted at #3 in his home country in the UK, leaving it as the third best selling album in the country in 2020 so far. 

Fans and Artist Engagement

If you ask any fan what kind of idol they want to worship, they’d tell you about Louis Tomlinson. The kind of relationship that Louis Tomlinson fans have with their idol is not like a celebrity-fan but that of a best friend.

For an artist to come on Twitter every month or so and wish their best to everyone is not something you see in a celebrity every once in a while. 

So, it is a given that an amazing artist like Louis will have an amazing fanbase. They are loyal and immensely dedicated like people who switch from cigarettes to e cig as a way of breaking their habit.

Online Streaming

If you know about the stan culture on Twitter, you’d be surprised how dedicated the Louis Tomlinson fanbase is on that single social media platform.

Update accounts dedicated to this English Popstar hold streaming parties to up the sales and charts of the songs. They conduct fan projects for increasing the radio play of every song on Walls and not just the fan favorites or the singles that Louis has released videos for. 

So, the next time you want an example for a dedicated fan base, you can just point it to the Louies, as the Louis Tomlinson fans like to call themselves.

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