Putting yourself back out there is simpler than you believe. Read on to discover the best single mom dating tips and advice here.

In the United States, 80 percent of single-parent families are women. When you’re thinking of the dating world, that might not sound like the best statistic, but you will be happy to know that single mom dating can be done!

Putting yourself out there is actually easier than you might think. There are so many people who might not have kids of their own but are willing to take on the role of a parent when they find the right person. 

The hard part when trying to start dating again is finding the time to meet the one for you. 

Keep reading for our single mom’s guide to navigating the dating world and getting back out there. 

Make Sure You’re Ready

When thinking of dating advice for single moms the best tip is to make sure that you’re completely ready to start dating again. If you feel like you’re being pressured by another friend or family member to start dating, then just take your time and let them know to back off. You will know when the time is right to start dating. 

Dating at your own pace is vital to the process as a single mother. If you start dating too soon, then you might hurt your own mental health. You might even meet the right person at the wrong time especially if you’re not ready to move on yet. 

Be firm with friends and family in your life who are pressuring you to start dating too early. When you’re ready to start dating, then you will know and you can get back out there. 

Dating Can Be a Priority 

Being a single mom and dating is going to be difficult but you can make dating one of your priorities. You might feel like you constantly need to put it on the back burner for something else in your life but that’s just not the case. 

As long as you and your family are taken care of, then go ahead and go on a date or meet a new person. 

Even dating with a baby at home can be done as long as you make it a priority! 

If you’re comfortable, then you might want to bring your child along with you for a coffee date. It could be a convenient thing to do and the person your dating will need to be comfortable around your children eventually. 

Consider Online Dating

Finding time to meet people can be hard especially dating as a single mom. One route that many single moms choose to use is online dating to meet new people to connect with. Over the years, online dating has completely evolved and become a great avenue to meet someone with similar interests as you. 

As a single mom, you know just how busy you can be so getting out there to meet someone is difficult. 

Online dating removes the hassle of meeting someone in public and makes it easier to talk to lots of people at once. You can easily wade through a bunch of people and find someone who is interesting and has a good personality. 

Online dating is also important because you can take the time to get to know someone before actually having to meet them in person. You get the time to learn about your date which makes it a bit less awkward when you do meet up for the first time. 

Check out this Adult Friend Finder Review and join the longest-running adult dating website. It’s an awesome way to get back out there as a single mom and find someone that you’re interested in. They’re very open-minded and straightforward. 

Be Confident About Being a Single Mom

One mistake that some single moms make is that they hide the fact that they have children from potential people who could be interested in them. Sometimes revealing that you have children too late can be a turn off for some people as well. 

Be confident in the fact that you have children and that you’re dating as a single mom. There is never a reason where you need to apologize for being a single mother so you shouldn’t need to hide it either. 

Potential dates will accept you and your family for who you are. Otherwise, they will move onto the next because they weren’t worth your time anyway. 

Worrying about how someone will react to your children isn’t something you should be concerned about either. It is obvious that your kids are a big part of your life and that whoever you choose to date is going to need to accept them. 

Being upfront early about being a single mother is the best way to not have to have any awkward conversations. If you choose to go down the online dating route, then make it clear in your profile that you have children. You’ll be surprised how many people are still interested in single mothers and actively looking to date. 

Don’t Feel Guilty 

Single moms and dating don’t have to come along with any guilt! The first few times you go out you might feel guilt that you’re leaving your kids behind but you shouldn’t. Look at it as it is your time to go out and relax. 

Everyone deserves a break once in a while so this is your time to take a load off and think about yourself for a few hours out of a busy week. 

Use your dating time as a time to recharge and refresh yourself. You may even look at the time that you spend with your children and at home in a new light.

Having a bit of time away is good for everyone so don’t feel guilty about the times that you go out on a date.

Single Mom Dating Advice

As a single mom, you’re the only one who is going to know when the right time to start dating is. Don’t rush yourself but don’t wait too long if you feel like you’re ready. 

The best thing to know is that single mom dating can be done and you shouldn’t stress too much about it. 

Try your best to get back out there and make new connections with people. 

Be sure to keep scrolling our blog for more single mother advice that you can use in your everyday life!

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