As someone returning from the military, the last thing you should be worrying about is how you’re going to support yourself and your family, especially if you’re now coping with an illness or military-related injury. 

Just because you’ve been injured in the line of duty, doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve a high quality of life once you return to civilian life. This is why many veterans reach out and claim VA benefits. 

There is an unfathomable number of injuries and disabilities that a veteran could return from service with. However, if you want to claim VA benefit, you must hit certain criteria and you’ll also be assigned a rating. It’s that rating that will determine how much you will receive in VA benefit – click here for the most common claims for VA disability. Sadly, due to the complexity of the process, many claims are rejected for a variety of reasons, leaving many veterans struggling where to turn to next. 

To make things a little more straightforward, I’ve listed some of the illnesses and disabilities that veterans can claim for. 

Hearing loss

Being unable to hear properly is incredibly debilitating. And for those who have served in the military amongst gunfire, around loud engines and aircraft it’s very much a reality. 


Scars, although the sign of a healed wound, can still cause a huge amount of pain and can also be debilitating. In addition, they can also cause a severe amount of mental distress and trauma, attacking confidence and independence. If the veteran in question needs additional surgeries then the pain and appearance of the scars can worsen over time.


Post-traumatic stress disorder is common amongst veterans, especially those who have witnessed or been involved in traumatic events. Survivor’s guilt, depression, anxiety, flashbacks, nightmares, suicidal thoughts and hypervigilance are all symptoms of this devastating mental issue. 


Migraines are much more than headaches. They’re excruciating and depending on the severity and regularity, can ruin your life. Migraines amongst veterans who successfully claim VA benefit usually experience stroke-like symptoms, sensitivity to light, nausea and extreme pain.  

Chronic neck and back pain

Not being able to complete normal, everyday tasks like hugging your children, washing your hair or even turning your head properly will take the enjoyment out of life. Therefore any veteran suffering with chronic neck and back pain is encouraged to seek the VA benefit that they’re entitled to.

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