There comes a time where we need to hang up the convertible for something with more seats, better gas mileage, and a superior safety rating. As parents, you seek easy access and larger trunk space to drive you and your kids on vacations, soccer practice, and family gatherings. But it isn’t as bad as you think. Many family cars have plenty of cool perks attached to them, some of which will be listed below. Whether you already have children or expecting them, consider these reasons to invest in a family car.

Entertainment Features

Let’s ease you into the thought by focusing on the fun entertainment features available as add-ons. When you’re purchasing your car, opt into an LED screen in the back so your children can watch a movie on the way to Grandma’s house. Have an adult in the passenger seat? Purchase a WiFi adapter on your radio dashboard to play games on the go without wasting their data. Consider entertainment features if your family takes many road trips.

Private Number Plates and Customization

Many SUVs look alike, making it difficult to find them in a large parking lot. You may spend a while finding your vehicle if you opt for a color like grey or blue. Purchasing a private plate can help you find your vehicle, plus, you can customize it. To help your car better stand out, add customizations like stickers, stuffed animals in the backseat, or air fresheners that are easily recognizable while you scan the parking lot. 

Plenty of Space

Car space is incredibly important to every parent; it’s why SUV’s and Vans are extremely popular with families. Depending on how many children you have, a five-seater car may be enough. However, if you take a lot of trips, are expecting more than two children, and plan on lugging a lot of stuff around, an SUV offers the perfect amount of space. It may be necessary for some mothers to have easy access to their children, meaning the second row is closer to the front seats than other vehicles. As an alternative, consider a large Van if you have a family dog.

Large Trunk and Folded Seats

Cars don’t typically have a lot of trunk space, and you always seem to need more. If you buy bulk groceries for a large family, it’s difficult and impractical to stack paper bags in the back seat. Not only could they fall, but there may not be enough room. Minivans, SUVs, and “Stow and Go” vehicles offer that extra bit of space by storing the back and second-row seats into the undercarriage. Now, parents can fill their cars with equipment, skiing gear, and luggage.

Side Air Bags and Superior Safety Features

Side airbags are a controversial topic for a lot of mothers. If you’re not comfortable having side airbags in your car, find a vehicle that can turn them off. Most cars with a five-star safety rating allow you to opt-out of side airbags or switch them off, so you’re positive they won’t go off and hurt your family members. While others look at crash tests and rollover tests (which are essential), turning off airbags may be your primary reason for getting a safe car. 

Multiple Sliding Doors for Easy Entry

Having sliding doors on your SUV makes it easier for parents to place more substantial items in the car while making it comfortable to latch their children in their seats. Hands-free automatic doors are helpful, as well. Many vans have this luxurious element, so you don’t have to close the door yourself once you’re in the driver’s seat. Ensure that these doors have child looks, so they can’t open the doors while you’re driving.

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