Professional Credentials

Look for a cleaning company that carries industry certifications, if they exist in your area. You might also consider companies that have received local recognition for quality service or community support. A cleaning company that has been here in business for several years suggests that continuous performance reviews and performance management systems play an important role. Establishing a high-quality reputation through industry-specific credentials will help to promote the business.

Skilled Employees

Everyone wants to be sure they are hiring skilled workers to clean their home or office. A competent cleaning business generally offers employee training in critical aspects of the industry, such as customer courtesy, cleaning techniques know-how, and general characteristics of tidiness and reliability. Look for these indicators on the company website, or ask when you call to schedule a service appointment. If you don’t see them mentioned, ask if employees are trained, insured, and bonded.

Safe and Effective Products

While you want efficient cleaning products to do a good job of cleaning your household dust, grime, mud, and germs, you also want reassurance that the products used are safe for the family and pets. Ask about the cleaning products’ safety features, specifically about residual fumes or surface area residue that might be harmful. The tools and equipment should also be up to date and in good working condition without undue loudness or dispersing of dust or debris. If water for cleaning and scrubbing will be needed from your home, find out the best source of water access, such as an outdoor faucet that can attach to a hose that runs into your home or a main floor kitchen or bathroom faucet.

Convenient Hours

Some companies operate only during specific and sometimes limited business hours. Search for a cleaning business with openings that fit your schedule and availability. Find out whether the workers bring all their own cleaning supplies and products, and whether there are guidelines or conditions for their working in your home. For example, if you have a well-behaved house dog, does it need to be shut away from the workers? Should the carpets be vacuumed before they arrive, or will they do that? The more you know ahead of time, the better prepared you can be to get the best job done.

Great Customer service

You will be able to get a general impression of the company when you call to discuss their services. Check out the employees who come to clean your home to ensure they are neat, friendly, and efficient. Report rudeness or laxity to the company.

A thorough, professional house cleaning is a joy. Find the best cleaning company in your area by keeping the above criteria in mind. Contact a professional cleaning service for more information.

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