Out with expensive diamonds, and in with colored gemstones! Despite the saying ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’, it would seem that more and more women are ditching their long-term BFF in favor of coloured gemstones. Although diamonds will never be outdated, coloured stones are catching the eye, so much so that some of them have increased in value by more than 2,000 percent over the past decade. Moreover, according to Diamond Manufacturers’ Mr. Dominguez, since 2010 demand for coloured stones has increased threefold. 

From the beginning of time to the modern day

Gemstones have been around since the earth began, and they are one of Mother Nature’s best assets. With stories of these precious stones dating back to biblical times, they are truly precious and have achieved the elusive timeless status. Today, it’s fair to say that the recent soar in popularity can be attributed to celebrity trends. The sapphire gemstone engagement ring worn by Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge, in particular, received a lot of attention, and it is of no coincidence that sapphire rings are booming in popularity. Other celebrities who have strayed away from diamonds include Penelope Cruz, who also has a vintage sapphire engagement ring, and Ashlee Simpson, who wears a unique ruby Art-Deco ring.

What your choice of gemstone says about you

Your choice of gemstone can say a lot about your personality. Women that are independent, strong willed, and enjoy taking control would certainly suit the Black Onyx, a gem that oozes sophistication. If you are well balanced, down to earth, loyal, and gentle, then the enchanting Emerald is an elegant choice for such a natural beauty. The fiery red of Garnet reflects those who relish being the centre of attention and have an enthusiasm for life. Rubies are also ideal for those who have a lot of energy and are confident while sapphire reflects someone who is a great friend, loyal, and devoted. 

Choosing a stone based on astrology and birth months

Many people also believe that astrology plays an important role in determining which stone suits an individual. The glittering deep purple shade of Amethyst is said to belong to those who are born under the star sign Aquarius, Capricorn and Gemini whereas the Ruby is associated with Cancer, Leo, Scorpio and Sagittarius. Retrograde has some interesting details about astrology which you can incorporate into jewellery in terms of symbolisation. There is also a gemstone for each birth month, which could be another approach for choosing the right stone, for example, Emerald is the birthstone of May and Aquamarine is the birthstone of March. 

All in all, with the popularity of the likes of rubies and sapphires, it is quite clear to see that coloured gemstones are an option that must be considered when choosing an engagement ring for your loved one. You can find advice on this below.

Planning an engagement proposal is by no means an easy challenge. Not only do you have so much to organise and think about, but you have the nagging worry in the back of your mind; “what if she says no?” Of course you know that is never going to happen, but it doesn’t stop those pesky thoughts from creeping up on you. And if this wasn’t enough, you have of course got to find the perfect engagement ring as well. We all know that fashion and jewellery aren’t exactly most men’s strong points. However, you can blow your other half’s mind and ensure she says “yes, yes, yes!” with one of the beautiful custom made and handcrafted engagement bands available today.

There are many benefits associated with both handmade and custom jewellery. Let’s begin with the former first. By opting for handmade jewellery you guarantee that every piece is created with the love and care it deserves. Every single step of the jewellery making process is given thorough attention. This is reflected in the end product, which soars way above the quality associated with mass produced jewellery. When you consider how important an engagement ring is, and you also take into account the fact that your bride-to-be is going to be wearing it for the rest of her life, you can recognise how crucial this high level of quality and attention to detail is. 

Not only should you make sure your partner’s engagement ring is handmade, but it should also be custom made too. This means that your other half will have a ring that is one of a kind – completely and utterly unique to her. This is something which is truly precious. The fact that you have gone to such an effort will make her heart melt and there’s no way she won’t be thrilled by your proposal. The ring will be a true representation of the love you share because no other woman in the world will have the same piece of jewellery.

The benefits of going for handmade and custom engagement rings are there for all to see. Nonetheless, you still need to know how to pick the perfect ring design for your partner. The great thing is that you will have the help of the professional jewellers and they will be armed with an array of great advice. Aside from this, the first thing you need to do is make sure you get your girlfriend’s ring size correct – imagine how bad it would be if the ring didn’t fit. You will also need to take into account the four C’s; cut, clarity, colour, and carat. Not only are these points pivotal, but the shape of the diamond is crucial because this is the main attribute of the ring with regards to style.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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