Do you ever just look at your life and think, ‘why am I doing this?’ Sometimes it can take a little shock or a little reflection to look at the current state of our lives and realise that something needs to change. It might be that you’re tired of something, you realise something needs a change, or that something in your environment is certainly not kosher.

It can be incredibly freeing to realise that actually – you don’t need to deal with that. You might be able to just push that issue out of your life much more easily than it seemed to enter yours. You really don’t need to deal with many hassles in this world, and even if they are of your own making, you can find a direction around them. It just comes with configuring your attitude and trying to find what’s really good, what you really appreciate, before you make any hardline decisions.

But we hope to help you with that. Please, consider the following:


Drama is almost its own industry at this point. For some reason, it sells very well. How many reality shows artificially introduce drama to ensure that the viewers stay hooked? You might look down on those tabloid-style celebrity gossip columns, but really even highbrow political op-eds have the same energy behind them. If someone in our personal life is arguing with another, we might want to know all the details. And of course, the ‘who’s hooking up with who’ feature of Facebook was on of the reasons the social platform spurted into fruition. We all have a natural proclivity for chaos, drama, and social events taking place.

However, for the most part, drama isn’t healthy. It can actually be quite stressful, and damaging to the stability of your personal life. It can make you feel tired, less sure of who to trust, and sometimes, even put you in harms way. On top of that, it’s also quite the waste of your time. If you find that your life is filled with people who seem to be more than happy to fill it with drama, then you’ve found a good candidate for someone you should consider cutting out of your life.

Drama hardly ever helps, but it can often hurt. If you hope to raise a healthy home or social environment, you shouldn’t care for it, nor should you care for the people who seem to enjoy bringing this up everyday. It’s simply a hassle you don’t need to deal with.

Basic Utilities

It’s essential that you remain vigilant against not getting what you pay for. For example, if you find that your internet router is continually down, very slow, or never reliable, it’s important to contact them and report that you’re willing to pursue a claim that suggests you aren’t getting what you have paid for in your contract. You can be sure that they won’t take weeks to reply your support emails then. On top of that, continually be on the look out for a better deal. An unlimited plan SIM could be a much, much, much better option that simply having a certain handset every two years and having to stick yourself in a contract.

From subscriptions to grouped discounts to a range of other services you use and how you use them, be sure to always keep yourself and your needs in high regard – because the more a company thinks they can get away with – the more they will try. If more consumers demanded better practices like this, companies would be held to task, and that hassle would evaporate.

Being Treated Poorly

For some reason, people tend to accept being treated poorly so long as it’s by those they know and potentially love. For example, it’s much harder to see when a loved one is mistreating us compared to someone we do not know. On top of that, if we feel as though we wish to impress someone (like a boss,) we are more willing to take negative treatment because we might see it as ‘part of the path.’

But really, being treated poorly is not something you should ever have to accept. In fact, if you don’t put your foot down ahead of time, it will only increase in regularity and intensity. Do not allow it. This can be hard for some people. They might consider that if they do this, the person will leave, or they will be further reprimanded. But everyone deserves a baseline level of respect, and if you are not being treated that way, or having your humanity questioned, you should find somewhere else to be. Cutting a relationship from your life, deciding to work elsewhere, or even reporting someone for abuse can be essential to help you start to heal.

On top of that, remember – you don’t have to be in a relationship if you don’t want to be.

Following Trends

Many of us feel pressure to follow societal trends. But the kicker is that you don’t have to. You don’t have to follow this summer’s fashion. You don’t have to read the latest bestseller, nor read the television show everyone is talking about (or complaining about.) You don’t need to play a certain video game, check out that latest street food spot, or go to that escape room.

This isn’t to say that these things are bad or fun, or that you’re any less if you like popular things. In fact, that less sentiment is something more tedious than enjoying the popular things and nothing else. However, for our purposes, it’s important to emphasise that if you wish to ignore all of these things, you absolutely can.

Many of us feel some kind of strange need to keep on top of things, to keep up with the cultural conversation or simply because our friend tells us to. But it might not be that which we’re really interested in. Instead, it’s important for us to consider ourselves people who are able to make those decisions – and not even have to give a reason why. This can be tremendously freeing.

Justifying Our ‘No’

Many of us receive invites, requests, calls to duty, and pressures that might influence our actions in certain ways. To demonstrate this, we need to use an example. Consider the last time you were invited to something at work, but couldn’t make it. You said no, and then there was an awkward pause. You felt as though you owed them an explanation, as if you had truly insulted them by simply suggesting you couldn’t make it. They might have even pressed you, asking why, and then telling you to make time because your ‘no’ wasn’t good enough.

Sometimes, you might not have a justification. Perhaps you just don’t want to, and then feel an obligation to fabricate some story that cannot be ignored at all. This is where dishonesty comes in, and that’s not healthy for anyone. It could be that cutting this process short is the best thing you can do to resolve this. Simply saying ‘no’ and not offering any further explanation, even if you’re asked to give it, can help you avoid the hassle of having to jump over backwards to avoid the engagement. You can do what you want after all, you are never obligated to do something at the behest of another unless in a willing contract. You’d be surprised just how freeing this can be.

With these tips, you’ll get rid of the simple hassles you really don’t need to deal with.

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