Being pregnant is the kind of situation that you want to go as smoothly as possible, whatever it takes. But if it is the first time you have ever been pregnant, chances are you are going to struggle somewhat with knowing how to make the most of it and how to make sure that it goes as well as it possibly can. However, something that can always help is to make a point of having the right kind of people around you, and the first step towards doing so is of course to know that those people are and how you can find them. In this article, we are going to discuss exactly this, focusing in particular on a few kinds of people which you probably want to seek out – and which, whether you know it or not, you might already have in your life anyway. Let’s see what they are.

The Experienced Mother

Arguably the most important and valuable of all the people you can have around you is the experienced mother. You probably know at least a couple of mothers who have a few kids and have therefore been through it all before a number of times. Having these people around you some of the time can indeed be hugely useful, as they will be able to tell you the kinds of things that you won’t even read in many of the books on the subject. Of course, they might also revel in relaying their horror stories, but that’s all just part of the process! If you happen to know a few people like this in your neighbourhood, make a point of becoming friends with them. You will be glad you have those contacts when things start happening which you do not particularly understand.

The Qualified Nurse

If you do happen to be in contact in personal terms with a nurse, then you are in luck. They see a whole other side of it, and it’s an insight that you can be sure is incredibly valuable to have. While there might be some details you don’t necessarily want to know or which might not be all that helpful, as long as you have these people around you, you can be sure that you are going to find it much easier to feel truly prepared along the way. This is especially true if they happen to be a midwife, even if they are just a friend who has taken an online midwifery program. Having someone like this around could make all the difference in the world.

The Good Friend

Finally, you also want that one person who doesn’t necessarily have the experience, but is just going to be there for you as a good friend. This is something which you can be sure is going to make the whole experience easier, just for having someone there who is going to be able to laugh with you and help you enjoy yourself. This is hugely valuable, and as such now is a time to start spending a little more time with some of your best friends.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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