Among all age brackets, kids are more fascinated and amused by parties. But it takes a lot of effort to bring a smile on the face of your little guests. Even after planning, implementing and visiting many parties sometimes you still feel greenhorn before executing another one. We feel to have a magic wand to wave and get all work done from arranging the venue to healthy food items.

Fortunately, nowadays kids party entertainment packages are offered by many party planners which suit every kind of budget from low to high and also guide you with the best and deliver you essential entertainment with perfection.

Theme parties are forever, creates an illusion as you are in a different world. Like princess theme party makes your little angel feel like a princess on her special day. If you are worried about what to do and how to manage then give rest to your thoughts and read the tips given below to plan a blockbuster party for your kids:

Finalize the theme of the party

Know the liking of your kid, what enthrall him/her the most. Once you get the theme of the birthday party, many things get cleared about decoration, venue, and also about the budget. Select a theme according to the age of your kid. Princess theme, fairyland theme, space party, superhero theme, battlefield theme, animal adventure, art party and beach party are a few popular themes for birthday parties. Make sure to buy theme-based props and cake for the party.

Check your budget

When you confirm a theme for the birthday party, it eventually gives you an estimate of how much it is going to cost. Then make a proper checklist for party and plan according to your budget. If your budget is little low then try to transform a room of the house into a theme-based territory, make some healthy snacks from fruits, cut them in different shapes and sizes and show your creativity, and plan a DIY activity for entertainment so that the little guests feel involved and enjoy every part of the party. Moreover, if you have no budget issue, then you can select any venue outside the home and can hire kid’s party entertainers who bring a big smile on the face of the little guests.


Throwing a party at home can save a lot of time and money but also keeps you in stress as you are the only one handling everything from welcoming the guests to preparing snacks for little guests. There are a few reasonable options like a community center, amusement parks depending on the theme and public recreational spaces where you can throw a successful birthday party, keeping the mess out of your house.

Complementing decoration

You always need a complementing decoration to complete the party theme. Use props, balloons, lights, candles, and especially choose the colors of decorative stuff according to the theme.

Yummy food items

Prepare some yummy and healthy snacks for small tummies. Be creative add some color and shapes to the snacks plate with fruits and marshmallows. Arrange or bake a theme based cake, surely makes your kid feel special on his/her birthday. Also prior prepare some goodie bags or favor bags and handover to your guest while saying goodbye.

Surprise package

Hire a party entertainer and astonish your kid. Yabadoo kid’s parties’ entertainers are eminent for their spell-bound entertainment. You can hire a magician, clown, princess, superhero as per your kid’s liking. They are professional entertainers who make your little guest laugh and fully enjoy the party.

Theme based activity

Keep the little guests busy, add some fun and creative activities in the party like games comprising balloon bursting, musical chairs, etc. Always keep in mind the age group of the guests and choose the fun activities accordingly. As an option, decorate a nook of the venue like a photo-shop and make the little guests make their favorite poses, this activity can be loved by all age groups. Dancing is an unbeatable entertainment activity which is also loved by all. So, make a list of some popular and peppy songs to make your little ones hit the dance floor.    

Good luck!

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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