With the growth of the Internet, the world is becoming smaller day by day. These days one of my closest friends is currently living in Egypt, taking a 2-month break in Thailand, all the while working freelance for clients across the globe. This would have been a mind bending concept even just a few years ago.

One thing that still has border control though is film content. Once upon a time we resolved this issue by ordering a dvd online with a different region restriction… and then discovering that our dvd player wouldn’t play it! Luckily, times have changed!

These days movies, TV shows and documentaries that are available in the UK are often not available in other countries, and vice versa – but we don’t have to order a dvd online and pray that it works in our machine any more (does anyone still watch dvds anyway?). These days if you want to access film content from around the world, it’s much easier – and more reliable.

Does the US Netflix really have more content than UK Netflix?

In short, yes. Netflix launched in the US in April 1998, but didn’t launch in the UK until January 2012. This may well be the reason there are over 400 more movies on US Netflix, and over 100 more TV shows. These figures are from April 2018, so the difference is probably even bigger by now. In fact, since Netflix is based in the US, it stands to reason that US Netflix has the largest catalogue of movies, TV shows and documentaries.

Of course, there are some British TV classics such as Doctor Who and The Only Way is Essex which are only available on UK Netflix. This article from BestVPN shows that Netflix in both the US and Canada has considerably more content than in the UK.

How to get US Netflix in the UK

If you’re based in the UK and still want to access American Netflix, there is a way to do this. By using a VPN, you can essentially pretend to be in a different country, and unlock the titles available there.

What is a VPN?

I’m glad you asked! VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and a VPN enables you to send and receive data across public networks as if your computer was connected to a private network.

In more simple terms a VPN is like a tunnel your device uses to access the Internet. It does this by connecting through another server. Many people use a VPN to ensure their connection is secure – but it can also be used to make it seem as if you are in a different country.

When you use a VPN to connect to a server, you can connect to most places in the world – depending on your VPN provider. When you do this your IP address makes it appear that you are in that location. So you can essentially pretend to be in the US, or any other country, and access content that’s normally exclusive to that country. Including American Netflix!

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