Everyone wants to support charities where they can, but we are not all able to run marathons for sponsorship, or spare the cash to sponsor others in their efforts. There are still small ways we can all support charities without spending a lot of money or being super sporty! Here are five easy ways that you can support a charity without spending a lot of money or time…

1. Donate to & buy from charity shops

This is an obvious one but I think it’s often overlooked. When you give to a charity shop you not only help the charity, but the person who goes into the shop and gets a bargain when they buy your old stuff for a fraction of the usual price. Top tip: when you drop of your unwanted items at the charity shop, hang around long enough to fill in the donation form or scan a membership card. Providing a couple of details can mean that the charity are able to “Gift Aid” your donation meaning they can claim tax back on it. Buying from charity shops is also a winner – in terms of finding bargains and giving money to charity!

2. Use affiliate payments

Some large companies now have loyalty cards which will donate to the charity of your choice when you spend with them. Some larger websites will do this too. For example, if you shop using Amazon Smile, a percentage of what you spend will be donated to the charity of your choice, without costing you any more money. I think this is a really simple way that you can support a charity even when you aren’t sure you have the money to spare. We all spend money in shops and online these days, so why not use a loyalty card or URL to support a charity?

3. Raise awareness

There are plenty of ways to raise awareness of charities and their work. Spreading the word increases the likelihood of others giving their time or money to charity. You could share Facebook posts, give out leaflets or even just talk to other parents at the school gate. We’ve all heard about the bigger charities and illnesses such as breast cancer – but there are lots of smaller charities supporting people with illnesses we don’t necessarily think about as much and they would really benefit from people just telling their friends about them.

4. Charity wristbands

Buying and wearing wristbands customised to contain a charity’s branding and message are an affordable way to support a charity and raise awareness at the same time. These days most charities have a wristband which you can buy for just a couple of pounds. If your charity doesn’t yet have a promotional wristband, charity wristbands from Lancaster Printing are extremely affordable and fully customisable. You can wear your wristband all the time to show you support the cause, and you might even inspire others to support your chosen charity too.

5. Encourage your employer to support a charity

A lot of companies have a scheme where they will match any funds raised for charities. Others will choose a charity for the whole company to support each year. Speak to your employer to check if they already have a charity they support or would allow you to organise something simple in your workplace such as a dress down day or bake sale where you can raise funds.

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