For the past couple of months I’ve been publishing a weekly card reading on my blog. Before this, I was posting them on my Facebook page. What you may not know is that for a long while before this, I was posting photos of cards every day on my Instagram stories. And before that, I was pulling cards daily for myself. I’ve actually been reading angel cards for two years now – mostly for myself, until the last couple of months!

When I moved house two years ago, I bought myself a deck of angel cards as a sort of house warming gift. I didn’t really know what to do with them though! The instruction book that came with them said that you should shuffle the cards and then choose one at random, but I felt a bit like I didn’t trust myself to choose one entirely at random – what if I chose the wrong one?! So what I actually began doing was shuffling the cards until one jumped out of the deck. I would pull two cards each morning in this way, and make a note of them in my diary. Some days, there were distractions between pulling the cards and getting downstairs to my diary, and I would forget what the cards had been – so I started taking a photo of them. And then I thought, well if I’m taking a photo of them anyway why not just post it in my Stories! So that’s what I did.

For a while, that was all I did – but then I started posting the odd reading here and there on Facebook – and there was a good response to them. It seemed that people were responding to what I was writing. I began offering individual readings which also seemed to go well. 

Since then I have bought several different decks of oracle cards, and invested in some training. I did a couple of online courses, one of which is ongoing. I’ve been learning things like detailed card layouts and also the meaning behind names. I’m finding it really interesting and have learned a lot. Ultimately though, the act of actually reading the cards is, I think, half intuition on my part and half the person who is being read – after all, they choose the cards! I think you can learn a lot of theory about these things, but where you really learn is by just getting on and doing it, and by developing your intuition for what the cards are trying to tell you.

In July I was asked to do card readings at the opening of fabulous new community cafe, @home in Salisbury. I was terrified, but I said yes – and I had a great time. They’ve asked me now to cover a couple of their “Mystic Mondays” so for the nexy two Mondays I’ll be there with my cards – and I’m really looking forward to it.

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Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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