Crate Creatures are a new toy from MGA Entertainment, and S was very pleased to be sent one for review. There are four creatures to collect: Snort Hog (the one we receied); Blizz; Sizzle and Pudge. 


What’s great about these is that the packaging is part of the toy – they come in a cage which has a big (plastic) chain around it sealed with a padlock. There’s a plastic “crow bar” on the side which you can use to unlock the lock and then open the crate – at which point the Crate Creature pops up.

Each Crate Creature has a special feature, making over 45 horrid noises, and will record your voice and repeat it back! They each have a sensitive tongue, nose or horns – and if you upset them, they can get a bit cross and shake! Snort Hog gets really cross if you pull his tongue… which is fun!



Snort Hog is a bog warthog, from the jungles of Tuskk. He has an unfortunate habit of blowing out snot from his nose which is of course a big hit with all small people. Here S demonstrates the snot situation:


When you put food in his mouth, he makes munching sounds. Sometimes he breaks wind – and he’ll fall asleep and snore if you lay him down. You can press the button on his belly to record your voice, and make him stutter playing it back by shaking him up and down.


Kids love things like this: it makes rude noises; it snots and when you’re finished playing with it you can lure it back into the box and lock it away! S loves Snort Hog and tells him off when he’s rude (through giggles). She thinks he’s hilarious and he’s one of the few toys she owns that are put away in their box properly at the end of the day!

Crate Creatures retail at £39.99 and require 3 AA batteries which are included. 

Note: we were provided with this toy for the purposes of review. All words and opinions are our own.

Thanks for reading.

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Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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