Welcome to this week’s card reading, using  Daily Guidance from Your Angels cards.

Here’s how this works: take a deep breath and calm your thoughts. Look at the image below and decide which card (or cards) you are drawn to. I usually just pick one, but it’s ok to pick two – or even more if you feel like it! Once you’ve chosen your card, scroll down and take a look at the photo and write-up to see which your card was, and what it means.


Next week’s reading could be with a different deck of cards; keep an eye out on Facebook for a poll as to which one I should use.
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Here are this week’s cards:



  1. Perfect Timing
    Now is the perfect moment for you to act on your inspirations. The doors are open, whileyou walk through them with us by your side. Don’t delay or procrastinate, as all of the ingredients are ripe for your success. Everything and everyone is on your side, supporting your positive outcome.

    Now is the perfect time for you to act on your inspirations. If you’ve been waiting for your prayers to be answered, know that first you need to take action and this card is here to tell you that now is the time. Put your energy and attention into manifesting the things or situation you want. As you begin to take your first steps in this direction, things will start to click into place as the angels and your spirit guides come to your assistance. This week, think about what it is that you truly want, and what steps you can begin to take in that direction.

  2. See Only Love
    Look past the seeming errors, mistakes and misunderstandings, and see only the love within each person (including yourself). Your resolute focus upon the love that underlies every situation brings about healing in undreamed-of ways. 

    This card is about remembering that we are all the same, deep down. We are all made from pure love, and whatever ways we choose to dress that up or disguise it, it is still there. Even when you disagree with someone or feel that they have wronged you – they are still the same as you deep down. Practice sending love and light to everyone – especially those you don’t particularly like. The Buddhist “meta” meditation is really useful for this, helping us to practice feeling love and compassion for all beings. When we focus on love, anything that is not loving can more easily fall away – in ourselves and in others. As much as this card is about seeing others with love, it’s also about seeing ourselves with love and treating ourselves with compassion. This week, try to catch yourself when you think an unkind thought about yourself or about others. Then replace it with something like “I send you love.” See how this makes you feel after a week!

  3. Innocence
    Beloved one, everyone is guiltless in truth, as no one can alter God’s handiwork of perfection. Give us your feelings of heaviness so we can lighten your load. Give us any guilt, anger or blame that may shroud your loving outlook. Enjoy the peace within your heart once more. 

    A Course In Miracles says that in order to forgive, we must first have assigned blame – and so really we need to work on not assigning blame in the first place, rather than working on forgiveness. It’s easy to sit in judgement of others and blame them for anything and everything. The worst incarnation of this is when we blame others for how we think, feel or act. The truth is that we are all entirely responsible for our own thoughts, feelings and actions. Blame serves no purpose. Whatever situations you are dealing with in your life lately, try to remember that everyone is guiltless – including yourself. Try to avoid apportioning blame and release your guilt to the universe. Avoiding blame and judgement doesn’t mean we need to become best friends with people who have hurt or injured us or are in some other way toxic; it just means we let go of our own feelings around the situation. Try to remember that everyone in this world is doing the best they can with what they have, and people often hurt others because they don’t know how else to behave. This week, try to catch yourself when you judge or blame others and yourself – and instead to replace this with a loving and understanding thought.

  4. There’s Nothing To Worry About
    You are safe, and this situation is under the perfect control of Divine providence and universal order. Only infuse loving thoughts and emotions into the situation to ensure that the highest possible outcome flows effortlessly to and through you. 

    What have you been worrying about lately? This card is here to tell you that you don’t need to worry any more. Worrying is like praying for your worst fears to come true and often this negative vibration attracts the very thing you were hoping wouldn’t happen! Give your worries to the angels and try to focus only on the positives in the here and now instead. When we are going through troublesome times it can be hard not to worry. Watching TV and reading newspapers doesn’t help with this as it seems there is always something new to worry about. When we worry we think about the future and this often means we ignore the present moment. The only moment we really have is here and now and if we can find a way to live in the present then the past and the future cease to be of consequence. This week, try to notice the times when you are worrying about something, and to change the channel in your brain to something that’s happening right now instead. You can do this by finding something around you to really focus on and watch – that could be an individual blade of grass swaying in the breeze or a child on a climbing frame. Pulling your attention into the present moment will help you to get out of the habit of worrying, if you make the effort to begin with.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.

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Clare · 30/08/2018 at 15:46

This is very interesting. I have just been drawn to the top left card, and it was perfect timing. God I hope so, I have recently started homeschooling my now 8 year old, and am trying to really focus on my blog. So this card really resonates. Thanks :)

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