Schleich have brought out new dinosaur figures for 2018, and S was delighted to be sent some for review.

I’ve never met a child who didn’t love dinosaurs, and S is no exception; she loves them and somehow seems to know all sorts of details about them. We were sent the T Rex, Dinogorgon and Psittacosaurus models.

We have reviewed Schleich toys before, and the quality of these dinosaurs is as high as you would expect. They are painted by hand and there is amazing attention to detail. S was also very excited to find that the T Rex has a movable jaw! 


Some dinosaur models also have movable arms.

With the new Jurassic World movie released this week, this is perfect timing for some dinosaur play.  These dinosaurs have become those toys that are never in the toy box because they’ve been put down mid-fight and need to be left exactly as they are on the table, the chair, in the middle of my living room floor. 


S especially likes the movable jaw on the T-Rex as it means he can bite his enemies. Apparently this is a very useful skill for a dinosaur to have.

As a parent what I love about Schleich toys is that they’re realistic and robust – so they help children to be familiar with how animals really look – and how dinosaurs looked before they became fossils! 


There is already a wide range of dinosaurs available on the Schleich website and these three are a great addition. I’ve a feeling we’ll be buying more to go with these as S is so enjoying playing with them.


Note: we were provided with these toys for the purposes of review. All words and opinions are our own.

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Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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