As you may have noticed if you follow us on social media, S is somewhat obsessed by PJ Masks. She was beside herself when I told her we had exclusive access to two new episodes ahead of the new Series 2 which debuts on Disney Junior at 4:30 on Wednesday 28th March

To celebrate, we had a little PJ Masks viewing party with her friends who were equally as excited.


We were sent what can only be descibed as a huge box of goodies to celebrate the new season, with lots of awesome merchandise. The box included everything you’d need for an awesome PJ Masks themed party. The partywear is available from Argos.


S and her friends snuggled up under her PJ Masks blanket to watch the new show, her friends wearing their cardboard masks from the partywear set, and S wearing her new 3d mask which she’s barely removed since. 

The official verdict on the new episodes is that they’re fantastic. That’s about all I could get out of any of them, as they were asking me to put PJ Masks on again pleeaasseee!!

Once they’d watched the new episodes a few times, we got out some PJ Masks puzzles which was educational for those of us who hadn’t yet been fully schooled in the names of all the baddies.


Anyone who follows us will know that S loves to draw and is very arty. She was so excited to see this PJ Masks Carry Along Art Case in our box of goodies.


The case retails at £7.99 is filled with everything a little artist needs for creative projects – and of course, it’s portable too.


This has become a firm favourite at home already, and is being carried from room to room for various art projects. There is also a Stamp and Sticker Playset and a PJ Masks inflatable chair, which are both very popular. 

By far the most exciting thing in our box of goodies though, was the PJ Masks Catboy Cat-Car Duvet Set which S has been telling everyone about. 


This is a really cool duvet set, where the cover actually has wheels for the car, and the pillowcase has Catboy, Owlette and Gekko as if they’re riding in the Catcar. S is over the moon with this, and I must admit it looks pretty cool. Since we put this cover on her bed, she’s voluntarily made her bed every day before school – just to make sure her bed always looks like the Catcar!


NB We were provided with these products for the purposes of this post, but all words and opinions are our own.

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