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S loves Num Noms; I think most kids her age do. I don’t know if it’s because they’re small and cute, they smell funny, they’re collectible or that sometimes you get a lip balm with them. Either way, she loves them and was beside herself with excitement when a Dessert Tray and an Ice Cream Sandwich Starter Pack arrived for us to review.


I cannot explain to you exactly what Num Noms are… they’re… er… thingies. We reviewed Series 3 a while ago and I’m still none the wiser. 

The Num Noms Dessert Tray comes with 10 Nums (the big, outer ones you see in the photo above), 2 glitter lip gloss Noms and one mystery character. The Nums are scented, and each smells different. The idea is that you can stack them up to create different “recipes” if you want to.


S loves stacking them as high as she can, but I’m not sure she’s necessarily worried about creating recipes! The best thing about the Dessert Tray is that it doubles up as a lunch box/carry case, so you have somewhere to store your Num Noms. The problem we’ve found with all of these collectible toys (we have lots!) is that you end up with them strewn all over the place or languishing at the bottom of toy boxes so having a way to keep them all together is really handy. The Dessert Tray Lunch Box Deluxe retails at £16.99 and would make a great gift or special treat.


Never underestimate how much fun it is to stack Nums on top of each other… S has also discovered a way to make them stick to her face – and was very disappointed when I refused to take a photo of this for the blog!

The Ice Cream Sandwich Starter Pack comes with 3 Nums, one glitter lip gloss Nom, a serving tray and a spoon. These retail at £9.99. 


There is also a new Num Noms magazine in the shops, which S was sent as well.


As with all kids’ magazines these days, it comes with lots of free gifts. There’s a toy camera, scented stickers, notelets and magnets. S loves the camera because you can see Num Noms characters through the view finder – and because it’s Num Noms, obviously! The magazine itself is full of all sorts of activities and puzzles and is a brilliant way to pass an afternoon during the drizzly Great British Summertime!

Num Noms Series 4 and Num Noms Magazine are available in shops now. You can find out more on the Num Noms website

Note: we were provided with these toys for the purposes of review, but all words and opinions are my own.

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Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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