This year, Little Tiger Press turns 30. To celebrate they are publishing a host of wacky and wonderful picture books to entertain, engage and stimulate little ones. From a band of hairy monsters to a lonely panda bear, fairy tale babysitters and blanket-loving babies, these vibrant and original picture books are the perfect way to adventure through the land of imagination with your children this summer.


I asked S which of these is her favourite book, and she rather helpfully answered “all of them!” Personally my favourite is Fairy Tale Pets because it’s quite funny and brings in elements of different fairy tales without explicitly mentioning them – so it gives the children the chance to feel very clever in having noticed the similarity to that story.

To celebrate Little Tiger’s birthday, we held a birthday part – any excuse for a party, right! S and I were sent some rather marvellous tiger Kigus which was a treat for someone who loves to dress up.


There was a lot of roaring going on! Of course, now that we were dressed as tigers we needed tiger masks…


S’s friend went for the more traditional orange/brown/black decoration for his tiger mask… S went a little off piste with hers.


Once we’d made masks, we decided the only sensible thing to do was to decorate some tiger biscuits. 


This turned out to be a rather messy affair, so once we’d all tigered-up a couple of biscuits each we decided it was time to read some stories.

I’ve already talked about Fairy Tale Pets, but what are the other books about?

Tiny Tantrum was a big hit with the small people. It’s about a little girl who has tantrums – until monsters start appearing and telling her why she needs to do things. It’s written rhyme with gorgeous illustrations. S and her friend J loved the different animals, and there is a song at the end which was particularly good fun.

The Only Lonely Panda is about a panda who is lonely and doesn’t know how to make friends. He watches what other animals do and tries to copy them, but it doesn’t go too well. Eventually though he does manage to make friends with another panda. S and J both love this book – possibly because there is a page where the only word is “poop” – always sure to elicit a giggle from a small person! It’s lovely though and beautifully illustrated.

That is Actually My Blanket, Baby is a lovely story about having a younger brother or sister. Bella’s new baby brother cries a lot, so she tries to find ways of cheering him up – but it turns out only her beloved comfort blanket will make the baby happy. Baby has a blanket of his own, but it’s all new – whereas Bella’s is old and worn. She shows him how to make his blanket just like hers. It’s a lovely little story which S and J both loved listening to.


When our party had long since finished, S was still sitting on the sofa, reading to herself! 


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