S was excited to be sent the new Wissper Doll and Peggy set for review. Wissper is a TV show about a little girl named Wissper who is 7 years old and able to talk to animals. The animals always go to Wissper for help and she is able to magically transport herself to anywhere an animal is in danger by saying her magic word, “Shhhh!”

Wissper PEggy Starter Set

The pack comes with the Wissper doll which is 8.5″ tall, a Peggy figure (the small creature next to her – a bird?) , a panpipe (you can see in the photo S has put this around Wissper’s neck), a bag, a mirror (currently in the bag), a brush (in her left hand), and binoculars (in her right hand). 

wissper doll accessories

The bag is great because you can unclip the strap to put it onto Wissper, rather than try to get it over her head. You can do the same with the strap on the panpipe; S was very excited about this! 

The toys are designed to look exactly like the characters on the TV show, and S loves to play with her doll while watching Wissper on TV, having her act out what the character is doing on the screen. As well as this, she can use it for her own imaginative ideas where Wissper goes on adventures. Just lately S has been learning about India in school, so her Wissper doll has been going to India to see tigers and elephants.

S loves to switch over accessories on her Wissper doll, putting spares in the bag or around her neck as she uses the binoculars to search for animals in danger while simultaneously brushing her hair. This doll can multitask, apparently!


The full Wissper range will be available from Toys R Us from the beginning of April.



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Eva Swain · 22/03/2017 at 12:47

Thank you for sharing this post. I’ve got a 7-year-old boy so it’s hard for me to choose a present for my friend’s little girl. I had no idea about the Wissper TV show until read your post too. Thank you so so much!

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