Do you come under someone’s influence easily? We will help you to recognize the disadvantage and overcome it step-by-step. If you are dreaming about becoming successful, you should know how to behave towards others. Being friendly and kind to people helps us to maintain excellent relations with them. However, you should mind the line between being sweet and silly. If you are too kind-hearted, everyone will use you without even considering your interests. Therefore, sometimes we have no other choice but to be selfish or impolite. Here are top 5 habits of people who are trying to be too cute with others. Get rid of them, unless you want being easily influenced.

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Stop being acquiescent

I bet you often change your decisions and try being flexible. That’s not weird. It is difficult to be straight to your thought when people don’t share it, even though you are totally right about what you say. You should be confident about your beliefs if you want to succeed in something. Don’t be afraid to express your thoughts directly and clearly. Do not try to win the praise by taking a back seat. You deserve being respected. Expand your horizon and improve your skills, to feel more confident communicating with people.

Stop looking for approval

People tend to get tired really quickly when someone requires approval from them constantly. They won’t help you to build your confidence. Besides, it is difficult to achieve something from the back seat. Self-confidence and ambition – this is a real way to your success. Once you feel that you need to get someone’s approval, ask yourself, “What do I want exactly?” Your goals and desires are very important, and if someone does not agree – that’s totally fine. The only way to get what you want is to say it out loud and follow you aim. This is what Russian women for marriage often do.

Stop being insincere.

The fact that you are giving compliments to people all the time is quite telling. It may be a sign of your low self-esteem. People may feel as if you try to manipulate them. Such kinds of compliments often happen to be false. What you really need is to gain your counterpart’s favor. The only way to become successful in this case is to take the risk and stop trying to please everyone.

Stop acting on the defensive.

Being defensive often means being weak. You need to be ready to meet people with different point of views. Not everyone should agree with you. It will be difficult to achieve something if you consider every upcoming obstacle as a threat. Learn to take criticism. No one will help on your way to success out of pity. Criticism is meant to develop you, not feel frustrated and sorry for yourself.


Stop being a workaholic.

Sometimes our desire to work hard is based on the desire to prove that we are valuable. This is why you often force yourself to do things you don’t really enjoy doing and don’t really need to do (because this is someone else’s work). You are afraid of being underestimated. The thing is that people do not respect those you are trying to please everybody really hard. Therefore, learn to say No. You don’t have to explain anything to anybody. Just “No” – that’s it. Pretty simple, ha?

Thus, if you think that some of the above-mentioned characteristics are about you, stop acting this way. Remember the big rule – say “No” when needed so that nothing can deflect your purpose.

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