Having just moved house, I’m finding I need to look for local services in our new house. I’m considering getting a gardener so as to avoid our garden getting overgrown, and also a cleaner to visit every now and then and help keep things up together. So when I heard about Bidvine, I was intrigued.

The Bidvine Website is straightforward and easy to use. You tell it your postcode and what service you’re looking for, then it asks you a series of questions before sending your request for local companies to bid on.

I started by using the site to look for a cleaner. Once you’ve told it your post code, it asks you a few questions:


Questions include things like how many bedrooms you have, whether there are other things they need to know, whether you expect them to bring their own cleaning equipment:

bidvine cleaner

Once you’ve been through this process, it asks you how you want to receive quotes, and whether you want people to call you to discuss your requirements further. 


And then… you just sit back and wait for them to contact you. Once you receive your quotes you can contact people either via phone or through the website, and when it comes to paying, you pay the professional directly.

What’s great about this process is that you don’t have to go around searching for local companies, then checking out their websites and prices and making enquiries. You say what you want, and they come to you with an offer for what they’ll charge to do the job.  You only hear from the people who are able to do the job you’ve quoted, so you don’t waste time getting hold of people who aren’t available or able to do the job.

I love Bidvine for the simplicity and time saving. You can use it to find everything from music lessons to someone to paint your living room. It takes the hassle out of finding people to do the jobs you need doing!

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Vicky Charles

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