S was very excited to be sent Princess Peppa’s Palace (£49.99) for review.  She is a big fan of all things Peppa, and loves princes and princesses too, so this was bound to be a hit with her.

The set is packed with regal furniture and royal characters. There’s a rotating door, a throne, three articulated figures (Princess Peppa, Sir George the Knight and Fairy Suzy Sheep) and even a treasure chest as well as Peppa’s teddy and George’s dinosaur. For me, the best part about this palace is that it folds up into itself, and you can store all of the furniture and characters inside of it – great for storage and not losing things!

Princess Peppa's Palace George Knight

Princess Peppa’s Palace has two balconies which fix onto the outside of the palace so that the characters can stand on them.

Princess Peppa Palace

Each room of the palace is decorated and the chairs are designed to fit the characters’ bottoms properly so they can sit down properly.

Princess Peppa's Palace Suzy Sheep

Don’t ask me why Suzy Sheep is on George’s bed with his dinosaur; she’s a little pickle, that one. S has the house set up with chairs in the bedrooms… but they are apparently “lift” chairs, and will carry them down the stairs for breakfast in the mornings.

Princess Peppa Palace Review

Here’s Princess Peppa waiting for her chair to carry her downstairs for breakfast.

Playing with Princess Peppa's Palace

S absolutely loves her Princess Peppa Palace. She will open it out, set up all the furniture and characters and play with it for ages, putting on voices and creating sound effects. 

Playing with Princess Peppa's Palace

She has very definite ideas as to which character should be where, and where all the furniture should be! It’s great for imaginative play – as well as for practising pig noises!

Princess Peppa's Palace

Here’s Peppa having her chair ride down for breakfast in the morning… I need to get me one of these chairs!


The Peppa toy range is available at Smyths.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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