All children love Peppa Pig, don’t they? S has certainly been mad about her since she first saw her, and at four years old still regularly asks to watch Peppa on TV. When birthdays and Christmas come up – for S and for her friends – a Peppa toy is always a safe bet. So we were quite excited to hear a new range of Peppa Pig Classic toys was coming out.

The range includes Laugh with Peppa (RRP £19.99), which we were sent for review, an Air Peppa Jet (RRP £19.99) and a Home and Garden playset (RRP £19.99).

S absolutely loves her Laugh with Peppa, as you can see here:


The plush Peppa toy falls over onto her back when you tickle her, then giggles and wiggles her arms and legs – just like you see the characters do in the TV show. She also says things like “you’re my best friend!” which is always a winner for little people. S loves to make Peppa talk and giggle over and over again… and again, and again, and again! I can report that the batteries on this toy last really well!

The Air Peppa Jet is great for imaginative play, with an openable cabin for children to move Peppa around inside. Miss Rabbit (of course, Miss Rabbit!) is the pilot, and you can flip her down to allow Peppa to fly the plane instead. There’s even luggage for Peppa to bring with her too.

The Home and Garden playset is the well-known and loved home from the TV show, opening up to reveal four rooms adn an attic. There are lots of accessories included for maximum fun and enjoyment. It folds neatly shut, holding all the accessories inside for easy storage. There’s also a cary handle so children can bring the playset wherever they want.

All of the toys in the range are classically-inspired by the TV show. The playsets, characters and themes are iconic and children will instantly recognise them as part of their beloved TV show. 

Check out the TV ad here:


Note: we received a Laugh With Peppa toy for the purpose of this review, but all words and opinions are our own.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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