Henry hand held vacuum toy review

S is obsessed with vacuuming. I’m not sure why, but she loves it; I’m not allowed to vacuum anywhere in the flat without letting her have a go. When this Henry Hand Held Vacuum Set arrived she was very pleased. Even more so, when she realised we could put batteries into the vacuum and it would actually pick things up!

henry toy vacuum

She has been playing with this set almost non stop since it arrived. I have a sneaky suspicion that she has actually been making a mess purely to be able to clean it up afterwards.

Henry vacuum toy

S now spends a lot of time on the stairs vacuuming up every single little speck.

henry hoover casdon toy

The vacuum cleaner really does pick bits up as well; it’s quite useful for both of us! It makes a proper noise like a vacuum cleaner and S feels terribly grown up using it to help with the housework. It also means that she’s not so keen to have a go with the full-size vacuum cleaner any more, which is good for me as I’d rather she wasn’t waving that thing around the living room!

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