halloween-gamesI used to love Halloween when I was little; I remember going to the Brownies’ Halloween party and having fantastic fun playing silly games and being scared.

Here are five great games to play with children at Halloween…

Apple bobbing  – well, obviously! You can’t have a Halloween party without apple bobbing! Make it extra gruesome by having the children bob for apples in watery jelly – perhaps a few added spiders for effect!

Doughnut eating race – suspend ring doughnuts by string from the ceiling. Children must eat them without touching them with their fingers!

Mummy wrapping – Just like at BritMums Live this year! Divide into teams and have a race to see who can mummify a member of their team with loo roll first!

Spooky story – This one was a favourite! Everyone sits in a circle in the dark (maybe a jack’o’lantern in the middle). You tell a story about a witch, making it super gruesome and passing round bowls of eye balls (peeled grapes), worms (cooked spaghetti), brains (squished up jelly), witches’ fingers (carrot sticks), witches’ tongues (halved bananas).

Halloween tray game – This one was always a big hit. You get a big tray and put loads of Halloween themed items on it. Little pumpkins, sweets, toy skeletons, plastic spiders. The children get a set amount of time to look at it before you cover the tray with a cloth, and then they must write down as many as they can remember. Kind of like the Generation Game. The winner is the person who remembers the most.

Yes, I know October 2nd is a little early for Halloween preparations – but this year S is old enough to understand and join in with party games so I’m quite excited!

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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