S was fairly pleased to be sent a Frozen Buff from Kitshack to revie

What do you mean, what is a Buff? How about if I show you this logo:


A Buff is essentially a snood… but not one of those fancy, knitted things. It’s made from thin, lightweight material. When I was a wearer of fake hair, I owned several Buffs – they were perfect to wear as hair bands to hide the mess as one’s roots grew out. They have multiple uses though. Because they’re so lightweight they’re used by motorcyclists, skiers snowboarders. You can wear them around your head to keep it warm, around your neck, or as a cowl around both.

A Buff is microfibre material, so it wicks away moisture. It has no seams, either along the edges or up the sides. It defies logic.

I was pleased to find there was a kids’ selection of Buffs available; a Buff seems like the perfect alternative to letting a child loose with a scarf which could get tied up, trodden on, used for accidental strangling and all sorts. It’s less cumbersome, and warmer than a scarf – so ideal for S, who is far too busy running and jumping and dancing and singing to be worried about coats and scarves and all that business.

I was even more pleased to find that kids’ Buffs come in a wide range of patterns. As in, not just pink or blue; there are 50 different patterns, with everything from superheroes to Hello Kitty. After much deliberation, we opted for a Frozen one:

Frozen-BuffWe are big Frozen fans in this house, and S was excited to try it on. Now that the weather is getting cooler, a Buff is perfect for her because unlike a scarf, there are no loose ends hanging down to pose a potential hazard.


The Buff is also perfect for days like we’re having lately, where it’s cold first thing, but warms up a little later. It’s really lightweight and folds up small, so she can put it into her nursery bag if she doesn’t want to wear it home.


It fits really nicely under her hoodie – except when she insists on pulling it up to show people how she’s wearing Elsa around her neck!

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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