When we moved into this flat last year, I was determined to provide S with a comfortable bedroom where she could spend time, play and – eventually – sleep. That’s not exactly gone according to plan! Her room is very small, and with her toys and clothes in there, it leaves little space for playing. When her toys are out, they’re usually all over the bed because of lack of floor space – and that means there’s little chance of her just deciding to sleep in her bed on any given evening.

Right now, it doesn’t bother me to have her in my bed; I quite like it. But I do feel it’s important that she has her own space… and so, something must be done!

The problem is that her room is quite small… but so is the rest of the flat! There’s no spare space for her toys elsewhere in the flat, so we need to come up with a cunning plan for keeping them more tidy in her own room. I’ve been looking around for ways to make the most of the space we have, and I’m coming to the conclusion we may need to get a new bed.

Scallywag Cabin Bed


I had a bed like this when I was little, and loved it. Mine was not as smart as this one though! I love the fact there’s a shelf hanging off the side for a book and a drink. Also the mix of shelves and cupboards, so that there’s somewhere to hide clutter. We’re big on clutter in this house!


If we can store toys under the bed, that should (hopefully) free up a little more floor space for playing. Also, this bed is a little higher – so there’s less likelihood of toys being pulled out of their hideyholes and spread out across the bed. I hope.

ikea trofast




I’m not sure if we’d have space for this storage unit beside the bed, but something like it would be really handy. There are a lot of toys in our house, and even more pens and pencils and drawing pads and endless, endless craft supplies! At the old house, we had a cupboard under the stairs that was full to bursting with this sort of thing. Here, we have no cupboards and at the moment, there are random boxes stacked up in the corners of rooms which I would rather had a proper home!



Of course, S already has some lovely gold stars on the wall above her bed; if we get a taller bed, we’ll need to move the stars… or perhaps buy more! We love stars in this house, almost as much as we love art supplies and clutter.

stars on wall

The problem with all of this is that I am completely pants at interior design, and I’ve no idea where to start. It’s not that I want her bedroom to look like something from an interiors magazine; I just want it to look tidy and inviting for S.

Do you have clever storage ideas for children’s bedrooms? Have you come up with a clever idea for your own child’s room? If so do please leave a comment/link! I’m sick of having to step over lumpy, ouchy objects on my way to get S’s clothes in the mornings!

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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