We moved into this flat almost nine months ago now… and it still feels like we’ve just moved in. In fact, S still regularly says “I love our new home!” – that’s nice, but I think the reason it still feels like we’ve just moved in is that it’s still such a mess! We moved from a flat with lots of cupboards and storage space, to one with… none. My bedroom has become a dumping ground for everything that doesn’t fit in other rooms – because it’s the largest and has the least furniture in it.

my bedroom needs a makeover

Things that are in my bedroom but don’t necessarily belong there are: a piece of our sofa; four boxes of art & craft materials; three boxes of S’s old clothes that need to go to the charity shop; a massive pile of books I removed from our shelves and then took to my bedroom rather than the charity shop; a random bag of stuff that I removed from the living room one time when we had a visitor… I’m not even sure what’s in there; a box of Christmas things; several of S’s toys that have quietly made their way from her bedroom; a huge and ever-growing/teetering pile of S’s books; a huge and ever-growing/teetering pile of my books.

Add to this the fact I don’t have a proper wardrobe, and you’re heading for a disaster! My clothes are stacked (not very neatly) on a wooden shoe shelving unit, and my more expensive dresses are hanging from a curtain rail.

What I need to do is pull my socks up, and tidy the house up! I posted last week about S’s bedroom; the fact is that S’s bedroom is the easiest, because she’s never in there at the moment! My bedroom is where we both sleep, and where we spend a lot of our time on the weekends, watching dvds and dancing on the bed – so it should be somewhere calm and tidy… without S feeling the need to walk in and raise her hands in exclamation at the mess (she does this at least once a week).

There is a “cupboard” in the corner of the room, with a curtain rather than a door over it. Originally it was going to be a wardrobe but actually I’m thinking about buying a nice, new oak wardrobe¬†and putting it on the other side of the room, and then using the cupboard space to basically just hide all the junk away! Realistically, I just need an awful lot of shelving on which to store our junk – and to be ruthless in my sorting through things.

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Thismummylark · 30/06/2015 at 19:45

Hoader here but every now and again ill send bags to the charity shop. The hardest part is giving stuff away especially if theres any sentimental value but frees up space :).

Nice to have a room make over…all fresh and clean/clutter free. Good luck!

    Vicky Charles · 30/06/2015 at 21:46

    ha thanks! The charity shop is only on the next block so really we’ve no excuse!

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