My favourite piece of home tech has to be the blu-ray player we were recently sent.


Samsung blu-ray player

Our TV is one of those ones with a dvd player in the side – which is great, except that it seems to have a litle gremlin in there too, and the gremlin does not share our taste in dvds. There are whole piles of dvds we couldn’t watch downstairs because the dvd player just didn’t like them – and since some of them weren’t really suitable for bedtime viewing, that meant we just couldn’t watch them. This was probably the only reason I was excited when the blu-ray player turned up: hooray, I can watch dvds again.

Our new blu-ray player is a bit fancy though; not only does it play blu-rays and dvds, it also plays audio cds, and when connected to the wifi, will also play YouTube and BBC iPlayer. You can also sync your phone with YouTube so that you can choose what to watch on your mobile, and then “cast” it to the blu-ray player.

This is all probably old news to about 50% of the people reading this; blu-ray players have probably done all of this fancy stuff for years. But I’ve never owned a blu-ray player before, and the last dvd player I bought cost approximately £20 and barely managed to play dvds. I’m very impressed with it, and S loves it too because not only can she watch any dvd she pleases, she can also choose TV shows like Button Moon and Super Why from You Tube to watch. The world is her oyster.

What are your favourite kids’ shows to watch on You Tube? Is there something we’re missing that your kids absolutely adore?

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.

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Tim · 27/05/2015 at 17:39

Our kids will voraciously watch anything on YouTube, from clips of Thunderbirds and Top Gear to Minecraft and music videos. It’s often their first port of call when they want to find out how to do anything – there’s a YT video for everything!

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