Today is Single Parents' Day


Today is Single Parents’ Day, though you probably didn’t notice. There don’t seem to be too many cards in the shops for this one, do there. Probably because if you’re a single parent, you don’t have a partner to go out and blow a small fortune on gifts for your child to give you.

Here are five reasons I love being a single parent:


1. I get to decide. Being a single parent means no compromise on parenting techniques, no arguing over which nursery she should go to, which is the better school, whether she needs to wear a jumper when we go out. What I say goes!

2. I get all the love. S is just getting to the stage where I can have a kiss whenever I ask for one – and cuddles too! She is filled with love and happiness, and it’s all for me! Being a single parent means you don’t have to share cuddles and kisses!

3. S sleeps in my bed. If she wakes in the night, I don’t have to wake up and drag myself into another room to help her get back to sleep. When she wakes in the morning I don’t have to worry about her wandering off around the house. Plus, in Winter, she’s like a little hot water bottle! Being a single parent means there’s always a space for S next to me.

4. We have a really close bond. We go everywhere and do everything together and fit together perfectly. Being a single parent means we’re extra close.

5. We do what we want, when we want. Being a single parent means no checking whether someone else wants to join us or waiting for someone else to get ready – unless we want to invite someone else!


Being a single parent was not what I had in mind when I thought about becoming a mother. I used to feel that I had failed S by bringing her into a single parent home, without a father. Now I am proud to be able to say I’ve stood my ground and kept her safe from harm. I am proud of her; I am proud of us. And being a single parent means I can take all the credit for how awesome she is!



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Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


Charlene · 21/03/2015 at 08:49

So glad you wrote this! And it’s good to hear that sometimes doing the best for our babies might not look like we thought it would. xx

Karen · 21/03/2015 at 22:09

Happy Single Parents day! I love your list you obviously have an amazing relationship and it’s nice to read such positivity about parenting x

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