Welcome to your sugar free journey!

Here are some resources for you to look through and learn more about sugar and why it’s not so great for us:

Firstly, I recommend this video of a lecture given by Dr Robert Lustig. Dr Lustig is a paediatric endocrinologist at the University of California. The video is almost 90 minutes long, and there’s a lot of science in it – but it’s well worth a watch, and has already been watched more than 5 million times!




That Sugar Book by Damon Gameau. I reviewed this book earlier this year, and although I’d read a lot about sugar before, this book really put it into context for me. In the book, Gameau decides that for 60 days, he will change his diet so that he’s taking in the same number of calories as before, but his food will be only sugary “health” foods. The results were shocking. There are numerous other books about sugar, and I’ve read lots of them, but this one really hits the nail on the head in that it clearly illustrates the problem – and it’s really easy to read.


Sweet Poison by David Gillespie: This book is brilliant; in it Gillespie tells his own story of being hideously overweight and trying to do something about it. He did a whole load of research himself and figured out that fructose was the problem, so he set about cutting it out of his diet. He explains an awful lot in detail, such as what happens in our bodies when we ingest fructose, and why it’s bad for our bodies. He also has The Sweet Poison Quit Plan which sets out how you can go about cutting sugar out of your diet



I Quit Sugar – a fantastic website with a wealth of information including a blog with loads of fabulous recipes.


I will add to this page as and when I come across interesting information/articles. If you find something you think should be on this list, please either email it to me or post it in the Facebook group.

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