As well as maintaining this blog, I also write for several clients.
Do you want a blog for your business, but don’t have the time to sit down and write a weekly post for it? Perhaps you already have a blog, but finding the time to sit down and put your ideas into a post is proving increasingly difficult. I can help!
Let me write your blog posts for you! Prices start at £35 for a 500 word post on the subject of your choice.
I can also write good quality copy for your website, editing and amalgamating existing writing, or writing a new piece from scratch. For many more examples of my work, here is a list of other places you can find me.
Contact me for more details: Vicky@VickyCharles.com

Testimonial from Alison Francis, of A H Francis:I have always found copy writing so time consuming and it is like a dream come true having someone like Vicky.  Vicky writes with her own fabulous style of great humour, and I even enjoy reading my own blogs I give her to write.  The whole process is an enjoyable one.  I get to come up with the ideas, five minutes communication with Vicky and voila, she magics it up like a fairy god mother.  Thanks so much to Vicky for her dedication and thoughtful writing!  Alison Francis

Testimonial from Theresa Wood, of The Strawberry Fox:
Although you are relatively fresh into this world I have been very impressed with the following;
Response times, quick efficient delivery.
Advice and enthusiasm. You have listened to the request, drilled down to the action required and advised on the best possible method to obtain results. I am really very impressed with this as you could have  “just taken the money “.
Writing style, modern, engaging and ultimately absorbable ..which is what we want the reader to do.
I would offer you lots more work if I could, and I really do look forward to working with you in the future.
Thanks again for support advice and great writing!

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