#ArchiveDay happens every Saturday, all day – whichever time zone you are in. If it’s Saturday, it’s #ArchiveDay!
It’s open to anyone with a blog; all you need to do is tweet a link to an old post, using the hashtag #ArchiveDay.
Then follow the tag through the day, and re-tweet others with that tag.
Please be considerate of others: it’s fine to tweet links to more than one post, but please leave a gap between them, rather than posting five tweets to different posts in a row!
Please don’t use this tag to promote Facebook, Bloglovin, Google+ or other pages/groups. The point of #ArchiveDay is to promote blogs, and only blogs.
I will do my best to retweet as many posts as possible – but I will not retweet advertisements for things on other social media, and if I find several tweets from the same person in a row on the tag, the chances are I will only retweet one from that block.
The idea is that you also read other blogs, and other tweeters read your blog. You never know; you might find a blog you want to follow in future, and some Twitter friends to boot!
There’s now an #ArchiveDay Blog Posts group on Facebook, where you can share your older posts all through the week.
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