A lot of stress comes with being a new parent. You’ve got a newborn to care for every single moment of the day, whether you’ve got partner support or not, and then you have to deal with all the opinions flying around from other parents, onlookers, medical professionals, and even your baby’s own grandparents. That’s a lot of pressure to try and cope with! And that’s why it’s essential for new parents to know that no one gets it right, and there’s no such thing as a perfect parent. Here are some other checks to keep in mind. 

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You Know Your Baby Best

That’s the long and short of the whole issue. All babies are different, there is no one size fits all solution to newborn problems, and out of everyone in the world, you know your baby best. So when someone tells you you’re doing something wrong, or they’d be doing it another way, it doesn’t necessarily need to be something you pick up yourself. Remember this most of all! Your parenting style is your own, and it’s OK to want to try different things from what you read online or hear from parents around you. 

It’s OK to Use Formula

It really is! Breastfeeding is good for your baby and has long been seen as ‘the best’, but if you’re unable to breastfeed and/or uncomfortable with doing so, you can use baby formula instead. It’s no longer such a pressing matter for babies to get their mother’s milk, thanks to modern medicines and vitamin enriched foods for all ages. So don’t let someone pressure you into breastfeeding if it really isn’t your thing – you’re allowed to use formula, and there are some great brands out there for newborns and older infants alike. 

You Shouldn’t Be Capable of Everything

No one is capable of doing it all and succeeding. People are going to make mistakes, or have accidents, and fall short of their own expectations. We naturally set the bar quite high, which sets us up for a fall immediately, and then when baby won’t stop crying or seems to have picked up a bad habit, we blame ourselves for not being good enough parents. But that’s not true! It’s OK to need advice, or to reach out for help when a newborn gets difficult. 

Take Your Time

Living with a baby takes time to get used to, even when you’ve had around 9 months to get ready for their arrival. It’s OK to be tired, and it’s OK to try again tomorrow. Take your time, let your baby go at their own pace as well, and forget about hitting milestones ‘on time’. If you gave birth yourself, your brain and body are still going to be changing and rebalancing things – don’t try to rush yourself into being perfect! 

Being a new parent is rough, and will always be a bit stressful. But if you’re feeling external pressure, push it away with these tips!

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