Like it or not, we’re living in a digital age. As years pass by, we gather and become more reliant on increasing amounts of technology. Whether that’s a laptop, a tablet, a smartphone, voice AI or anything else. At the end of the day, the majority of us use a variety of tech devices on a day to day basis – with many of us clocking up hours on hours of screen time. Work. Leisure. Socialising. Learning. Whatever we do, chances are, there’s some sort of tech involved. So, what can you do to make sure that you’re getting the most from the devices that you are using? So many people don’t use theirs or manage theirs to their full capacity, but you don’t want to miss out in the same way. Here are a few suggestions that you might want to try out to get this journey started out in the right direction.

Read the Instructions

First and foremost, we have a step that the vast majority of people skip. It’s reading the instructions that come with the device you have. Most devices will either come with a leaflet, or will have some sort of introduction or tutorial when you turn them on for the first time. Take some time to actually read this or to go through the tutorial without pressing skip. This will ensure that you know the basics of your device and that you don’t miss anything you should know to use it as best possible. Sure, this may take a little patience and focus, but it is important.

Follow Tutorials

Of course, there’s a lot that you can do with most devices that isn’t detailed in its instruction book or manual. This is where online tutorials and articles can come in handy. People who have spent time either developing the devices you use, or simply using the devices you use, often share their insights online. From keyboard shortcuts to how to use specific apps and pieces of software, you should take some time to watch a few tutorials on your chosen piece of tech and see what it can do for you. You can pick up all sorts of new skills, as well as actually finding features and capabilities that you weren’t even aware were a possibility.

Use Storage Space Wisely

Most devices come with a limit on the amount of storage they have. This can be a laptop’s drive space or the amount of information you can hold on your smartphone. Make sure that you use your storage space wisely. Conduct a clean up every once in a while. We’re all guilty of having a lot of data and content on our devices – particularly our phones – that we simply don’t need. Duplicate pgotos. Apps that we don’t use anymore. Audiobooks we finished a long time ago. The list goes on. Take a look at your device’s storage settings and determine what can stay versus what can go. A good clean up will make a huge difference.

Update Your Software

Every once in a while, your device will likely offer you some sort of software update. Sure, you may be in the middle of doing something when the notification pops up, meaning that so many people end up putting it off and putting it off. But you really do need to make sure that you click accept and allow your device to update as soon as possible. Generally, this means that the device needs to be plugged in, connected to wifi and left unused for a few hours. Software updates are used to make sure that your device is working as best possible. It can make it more secure, perform better and so much more.

Insure Your Devices

Of course, you can’t get much out of a device you no longer have. Make sure that you pay insurance for each of your devices. Gadget insurance can cover a range of issues, so make sure to read the terms before taking it out. Ideally, you want something that will cover loss, damage, broken screens, theft and more. Use price comparison sites to browse different options and find the best deal available. If you have multiple devices, such as a smartphone, a tablet and a laptop, you may want to get a policy that covers multiple gadgets. Sometimes, people use home insurance to cover gadgets too.

These are just a few things you can do to really get the most from devices that you have at home. Each step will make all the difference, so give them a try and experience the benefits before you know it!

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