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Regardless of its nature, your relationships can make you happy, release stress and significantly improve your health. On the other hand, some relationships can make you feel bitter, sad and depressed. Counsellors will recommend that you establish a healthy relationship. Such relationships are not easy to build and require a lot of time, attention and effort. However, they are not all perfect too. Here are some fundamental truths about healthy relationships.

  1. There are fights

Everyone assumes a healthy relationship is peaceful and devoid of no fights. In contrast to that perception, occasional fights are a good sign in a healthy relationship. However, the nature of such fights draws the line between a healthy and toxic relationship. In healthy relationships, words are carefully spoken. Avoid throwing harmful words or causing physical harm to your partner. Hurtful words can cause emotional abuse, making your relationship toxic. Marriage counsellors tell couples to allow for occasional fights as it ends up drawing partners closer to each other.

  1. The decision to cohabitate is not rushed

In a romantic relationship, the decision to stay together at the early stages of the relationship can be very tempting. Distance is the leading cause of this desire. Suppose your partner lives abroad. In that case, you would want nothing more but to be close to them. However, this would require various compromises. For example, you may need to consult an immigration lawyer concerning the various issues surrounding such a move. There are also other issues such as rent and mortgages, payment of bills, available space, and chores to consider. Rushing to move in together would do your relationship more harm than good. 

  1. Partners take care of the home together

Having a defined role in keeping on top of chores makes it easy to stay together. You may plan domestic house chores. Each partner can have a specific role. However, according to research studies, couples who work together domestically nurture a healthy relationship. The woman in such a relationship feels endeared towards her partner because he plays a role in ensuring the home is always clean.

  1. Anger is a waste of time 

Anger is a major cause of relationships breaking down any relationship. Anger is a natural reaction to something. However, in healthy relationships, the anger of the parties are intentionally controlled. In effect, there is no room for anger to cause irreparable damage to the relationship. Partners try as much as possible not to get angry at each other. Partners acknowledge the fact that they are constantly nearing perfection. Once you accept your partner is not perfect, it is easier for you to let go when they make mistakes.

When you get angry because of your better half’s wrongs, you need to spend time analyzing what happened. Most times, you will reflect and realize you didn’t have to have been angry. That said, anger wastes time in a relationship. Learn how to forgive, let go and say sorry to make your relationship healthy.

Having a healthy relationship is possible even though it needs a lot of time and effort. Implement these truths in your relationship today!

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