Personal injuries tend to happen in the workplace, especially when there are some workplace hazards like wet floors or machinery. If you are involved in an injury at work it can be traumatic and stressful but you need to bounce back one way or another. Luckily there are some good ways to do this. You can use the power of the present moment, exercise, compensation, and breathing exercises to get back on track.

Use the present moment 

If you’ve recently had an accident at work or been involved in a car crash you might be feeling anxious and uptight. This is very common, it’s also common to have some PTSD following the traumatic experience. 

These states aren’t easy to get out of, especially if you don’t have the tools and technologies you need to do it. Using the present moment is the most effective means of reducing your anxiety and making you feel calmer. 

Get some exercise 

Depending on the type of personal injury you have you may or may not be able to exercise but if you can this is highly recommended. Exercise elevates the heart rate and improves your physical body, it also releases dopamine to make you feel good. 

Recommended exercise includes swimming and running, activities that give you a whole-body workout. If this is not possible for you, walking and jogging in nature can be just as effective. 

Practice self-kindness 

Following a traumatic incident, it can be easy to slip into self-blame or feel guilty about what happened. When your mind gets hold of an idea it sometimes circles around for a long time and doesn’t let you go. Again you need to know how to practice self-kindness

If you’re beating yourself up for some reason, try writing down your thoughts to externalize them and put them somewhere else, other than your head. You should also do something easy and passive like listening to the radio or watching an easy TV show. 

Get the compensation you deserve 

If you’ve been affected by a personal injury event you will be entitled to compensation. This might not be the format that you think about as you recover from the injury or trauma, but you should think about it eventually or hand the responsibility over to dependable personal injury attorneys

Although it is only money and pales in significance to the impact of the injury, it does give you a little extra money that takes some pressure off you or helps you to afford a recovery vacation. 

Practice your breathing 

One of the most powerful technologies we have is breathing exercises, but most people don’t even realize they have such a powerful tool at their disposal. We breathe without thinking but often our style of breathing is reflective of our mental and emotional state. 

Consider your breathing when you run or lift weights, if your breathing is fast and aligned with your thoughts you don’t perform as well at your activity; conversely, if your breathing aligns with your movement you seem to have more strength and stamina.

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