Self-care is something we often hear about, but few truly understand. It has a bad connotation to some and many question its benefits. However, self-care should be a priority to everyone and is about much more than being pampered for a day or two. It’s about readdressing your priorities and making sure that your fundamental needs are met. Let’s take a look at some of the most common myths about self-care and the truth behind them.

It’s a Luxury

Some people have this grandiose idea of what self-care should be. In reality, self-care doesn’t have to happen in a spa with people catering to your every whim. It should be about making time for yourself and completely disconnecting from the outside world.

For some people, self-care will be spending a few hours in the basement working on a project. While, for others, a retreat could actually be beneficial and keep them on the right track. Know, however, that it’s not all or nothing and that self-care starts with making some minor changes to your life. 

Self-care could be as simple as improving the environment around you, and what better place to start but your bedroom? Sleep is the ultimate form of self-care, and you’ll get more of it by turning your bedroom into a sleep and relaxation haven. 

Here, you have to pay special attention to the type of mattress you go for. The best hybrid mattresses will have a combination of materials to provide maximum comfort. They could also provide some of the benefits of certain materials while eliminating the drawbacks.

It’s Only About You

A lot of people feel guilty about self-care and see it as selfish. This is often what you’ll see with single parents. They might think that leaving their children to a caregiver for self-care is irresponsible and some will feel some guilt having any type of fun without their children. 

However, know that more self-care will eventually make you a better parent. You will enjoy the company of your children more. You will be more present and alert. You’ll also be much less irritable. So, self-care could end up benefiting everyone around you. 

You Can Do Without It

You can fool yourself into thinking that self-care is not essential, but you will end up paying for self-neglect eventually. It might show up at work or in your relationships. Your mind needs some rest, and this is what self-care is for. If you ignore your needs for too long, you might end up coping in ways that might not be the best for you. Many times, people who lack self-care end up self-medicating or engaging in excessive behavior. This is why you need to take care of yourself before you reach the edge.

Anything that Makes You Happy is Self-Care

There’s also this idea that anything that pleases you is a form of self-care. That would mean that things like drinking alcohol or watching a 5-hour Netflix marathon would count as self-care when it’s the opposite. Self-care should be enjoyable, yes, but it should also be constructive and not addictive. It should support your mental and/or physical health and make you a better person, not just please your senses. If whatever you’re doing is damaging your body or soul or distracting you from your objectives, then you’re definitely not caring for yourself.

These are just some of the most common myths and misconceptions people have about self-care. We hope we were able to make things a bit clearer and encourage you to look for ways to take a bit more care of yourself.

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Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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