It happened fast. One weekend we’re eating at restaurants and attending sports events, and a week later we’re in lockdown and working from home. There wasn’t much time for organizations to prepare for virtual work, but employees quickly adjusted. Now a year later, we have more time to prepare for our return to the workplace—and part of that readiness is reclaiming confidence for excelling in the office environment. This change may make you feel uneasy, but the following tips can help you get motivated and self-assured as you head back in.

1. Reconnect Over Coffee or Lunch

It’s been months and months of seeing your colleagues’ faces in square boxes. Now that you and your team are reuniting in person, grabbing a coffee or lunch is in order, especially if you were virtually and newly hired. A casual welcome back party is a fun opportunity for you to meet and socialize with your coworkers in person. You’ll start to feel more comfortable as everyone begins to work together in a new setting. There have been many tough transitions during 2020-2021, and ensuring coworkers feel connected and like they belong as they leave their home office behind is crucial. So, kick off the office homecoming with a safe and socially distant mini celebration.

2. Slip Out of Pajamas and into (yes) Lingerie

A lot has changed within the past year, but one thing remains the same for those who work in offices: you still have to dress professionally. This means trading in those stretchy leggings for pants that button and giving your favorite oversized T-shirt some well-deserved time off. The easy way to make this transition is to shop for some stylish new workwear—but what if you shopped for some sexy new underwear? Consider some sexy lingerie from an online retailer such as 3 Wishes. Wearing pajamas on Zoom was your old secret. Now slipping on lingerie under your work attire is your new secret that can give you the boost to hit the ground running as a powerful boss babe who’s back in the office.

3. Bring Joy to Your Workspace

You’re preparing for your new wardrobe … why not upgrade your accessories too? And by accessories, we mean office accessories—because after all this craziness, you deserve cute back-to-work supplies. We love’s desk collection full of happy notebooks, planners, calendars and goal trackers (celebrate every work win) that will add color to your Monday-Fridays. You can’t go wrong with Paper Source’s desk décor either, like world map file folders, celestial sticky notes and national parks mini notebooks. One-third of your life is spent at work, so why not glam up your workspace?

4. Share Ideas, Knowledge & Inspiration

The pandemic didn’t slow down those who are on the constant pursuit of growing and thriving. Networking and learning opportunities just shifted from in-person to virtual events. If you were attending conferences, workshops, summits and roadshows from your home, then bring that arsenal of knowledge and inspiration into the office. You may have shared information over Zoom and email. But now that you’re meeting colleagues in person, you can take collaboration to the next level with you at the helm. Your drive to keep growing and collection of notes can give you that boost of confidence for ushering in new, creative and innovative ideas as a leader.

Conquer with Confidence

The anticipation of returning to the workplace can be nerve-racking, whether you’ve been recently hired and never met your coworkers in-person or you hate to wave goodbye to work-from-home life. With change comes uncertainty, but confidence can be the antidote for calming the nerves and ramping up enthusiasm for everyone’s return. Planning a small social gathering, secretly and seductively dressing for success, shopping for new supplies and desk décor, and imparting new knowledge and ideas can all spike your self-assurance as office life reboots.

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