If you’re a cautious patient worried by how much screen time your children are being exposed to, then it’s time to act. While it does keep them quiet for a few hours, being sat on Fortnight, FIFA, or Animal Crossing all day isn’t going to do your children much good. So, take a look at these three activities and get them out of the house when lockdown ends and we return to normality.

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1. Dance Classes

Dancing is great fun for girls and boys alike and is a brilliant form of exercise for them that’ll keep them entertained, having fun, and away from screens. See if you can find dance classes for kids in your local area and send your youngsters along for a couple of hours a week to get them out of the house and doing something a bit different. Introducing them to dance at this young age could inspire them to pursue it as a career, whether it be in ballet or performance dance. Joining a dance club or attending dance classes is also a great way for your kids to meet new people and make friends, as this kind of activity encourages both socialising and emotional development – factors that are really important for your children as they begin to grow older.

2. Playing Football

Getting your kids into football is a great way to keep them active and outdoors. Recreational sport is soon to be allowed again, so sign your kids up to a club and get them involved in the world’s game. Football boots are really cheap nowadays too and you’ll be able to snap a pair up online without breaking the bank. Plus, girl’s and women’s football has really taken off in the last decade meaning both your sons and daughters will be able to join in. If you’re a bit of a football fanatic yourself, then why not consider coaching your son or daughter’s team to glory? Yes, it might require a few early starts on the weekend and giving up an evening per week to run a training session but this sort of physical activity is invaluable for your children, particularly at such a young age where they are growing and developing physically as well as mentally.

3. Music Lessons

If you haven’t yet got a musician in the family, then why not introduce your children to the idea of playing an instrument? Music lessons teach children a hell of a lot about life’s lessons and can be really beneficial in their personal development. For instance, having to practice over and over to get something right teaches children about the importance of patience and persevering. Reading music sheets also improves their literacy skills and playing an instrument can also encourage their levels of self-expression and increase their confidence in performing to an audience. Possessing and looking after an instrument also creates an understanding of responsibility within children and this really important for them as they grow older. However, while there will be less screen time as a result, we can’t promise that there will be less noise!

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