2020 was the year of remote working. Many people, particularly those who are self-employed have been doing it for years, but 2020 was the year when it became mainstream, when it was something that a huge percentage of the working population had to do. 

At first, it was a novelty. No more spending a fortune on commuting on packed buses or trams. Being able to wear your holey leggings or pyjamas while working from the comfort of your sofa or bed. 

However, as time went on and restrictions continued, many people began to realise that the grass was not necessarily greener on the other side. The novelty wore off, and sitting alone, balancing your laptop on your knee, dealing with inefficient wi-fi and trying to ignore the sounds of the kids screaming in the background or next door arguing suddenly became a little tiring and stressful. 

While we can’t help with the kids or the arguing, what we can do is share some tips to help you stay physically and emotionally healthy while working at home.

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Have a space dedicated for work

Most of us do not have fancy home offices. Why would we? We always worked outside of the home in a workplace. However, with working from home appearing to be something that is going to be around for some time to come and perhaps be a significant part of working forever, having a dedicated space to work is pretty important to help you keep a work-life balance and save your back and neck from strain. 

Ideally, a room away from the rest of the hustle and bustle of the house is the best place to work, but this is not feasible for most people. See if you can carve out a corner of your bedroom or living room with a small desk and comfortable chair, and put a dividing screen in front of it to separate it from your sleep space.

Health check ups

While we are all aware of the pressures that the NHS is under at the moment, it is important to still attend any routine health appointments if they still go ahead. Most dentists, audiologists and opticians are still running relatively normally, albeit with longer spaces in between appointments to allow for cleaning and additional PPE.  Knowing whether you need a filling or progressive lenses, further hearing tests or whether for now, you are all good, not only keeps your physical health in tip top shape but can help to keep your mental health stable.

Get dressed

You will see this a lot in guides and advice for working from home, but that is because it is important and really can make a huge difference. While sometimes it is nice to slob out in pjs, when it comes to getting you motivated and geared up for working. You don;t have to put your best power suit and heels on – but get up, shower and get dressed. It really will make you feel much more awake and ready to face the day.

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