A house is a space to which a lot of emotions and feelings are attached. Furniture is the major element that adorns a house. Therefore it’s important to select pieces that deliver the right vibe and express the fantasies of the homeowners.

Tables are the key element in the home furniture. No furniture set is complete without tables. Be it a bed set for the master bedroom or sofa set for the living room, everything comes coupled with tables. Tables really mean business in furniture!

Glass tabletops are leading the furniture market as the trendier article. They come in super-cool designs, dimensions, and styles. The added functionalities like glass holders, table trays, and in-built sockets top up the glass tables a big time. Glass tables are preferred due to their durability and easy maintenance. The round table top can easily be replaced to renew the whole look. A huge variety of glass is available in the market. In this guide, we will help you choose the right glass type to replace your glass top with. Let’s delve into the discussion.

Why choose glass tabletops?

We see a surge in the use of glass tables around us. Why is that? Why do people prefer glass tables over other table types? There are quite a few reasons as to why glass tables are a modern trend. 

  • Glass tables go well with any home decor. Be it vintage or contemporary!
  • Transparent glass creates an illusion of space and luminosity. It reflects the light and radiates an unexceptional glow. 
  • Glass tops are durable. Glass is a corrosion-free and rust-free material that makes it a preferred choice to be used in furniture pieces.
  • The elegance of glass is unmatchable. Rectangular glass table top make a statement piece and enhance the interior effortlessly. 
  • Glass maintenance is really easy. You can simply wipe the dust and stains off the tabletop with a wet cloth. 

Things to consider while choosing a Glass top replacement

As sturdy and dense as it is, glass is still prone to damage. In case a glass top is damaged, the only viable way is to replace it. Replacing a glass tabletop sounds quite easy. However, there are some things that you should consider before swinging into action.

  1. Shape

Standard glass top shapes such as circle, rectangle, and square are easily available in the market. However, even if your table is of a unique shape, it can easily be ordered. You can also go from a different shape to give a new look to the table.

  1. Dimensions

The next thing to consider while choosing a new glass top is the thickness of the glass sheet. The thickness of the glass is directly proportional to its strength and weight. Be mindful of the structure supporting the glass. If the structure is not strong enough to hold the weight of the glass top, it will collapse. So choose glass thickness that resonates with the holding structure strength.

  1. Tint

We usually have transparent glass in our furniture. However, a huge variety of tinted and decorated glass is also available that add uniqueness and class to the interior. Think out of the box and experiment with different glass colors and types.

  1. Strength

Strength is a very important factor as it defines the safety value. Go for tempered glass to downplay any risks of damage. 

Types of glass table tops 

From tinted glass to textured and tempered glass to crystal, there is a huge variety of glass tops available in the market. Here are some glass types that are preferred by homeowners and professionals all alike.

  1. Transparent glass top

Transparent glass top is a clear and colorless glass with tinted edges sometimes. This type of glass is delicate. However, its strength is improved by increasing its thickness.  The clear glossy finish delivers a posh feel and level up the interior.

  1. Tempered glass top

Tempered glass is a very strong glass with high resistance to impact. It is created by compressing the glass sheets at high temperatures which makes the glass almost unbreakable. It cannot be scratched, damaged, or drilled.  Due to its high strength and safety value, it is a preferred choice to be used in furniture. Tempered glass has the same polished finish as clear glass and gives an upscale feel.

  1. Laminated glass top

Laminated glass is made by fusing two panes of glass together. The glass sheets are held together with a layer of adhesive plastic. The whole manufacturing process makes the laminated glass very strong and durable. It is shatter-free and perfect to be used in daily use furniture.

  1. Frosted glass top

Frosted glass is made by sandblasting or acid etching in order to make the glass surface opaque. It’s a high-density glass and limits the passage of light through it. It is stronger than clear glass but weaker than tempered or laminated glass.

  1. Tinted glass top

As the name implies, tinted glass is made by the addition of different tints in the glass sheets. It is typically used for decorative purposes and has almost similar properties as clear glass. It reflects the light and makes the area look wider and brighter. 

Some recommendations from our side

Although the choice of glass top totally depends on your requirements and preferences, here are some suggested glass top applications. 

  • Glass type for kitchen or dining table

Tempered glass top is best for a kitchen or dining table. Tempered glass is scratch and impact-resistant, so the constant placement of glass and crystal crockery will not affect the glass top finish. 

  • Glass top for patio table 

Patio tables are usually placed outside the home, thus away from the safety of brick walls. Thus the glass used in patio tables should be strong enough to stay put under severe weather conditions. Tempered glass is, therefore, a perfect fit for patio tables. 

  • Glass top for coffee table

Coffee tables mostly serve as the center of attention in a house. So they should radiate elegance and class. All types of glass go well for coffee tables. However, you should choose tempered glass if you have children playing around the house. 

  • Glass top for office 

Frosted glass tops are usually used in offices. Their blurred effect enhances the conference and meeting rooms’ environment effectively. 

Final note!

Glass tables are a must-have for any space. Understand your space requirements and choose the glass type that resonates with your preferences. Invest in one and make your glass table as good as new!

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