Whether or not you’re a Valentine’s Day fan, you can’t deny that it’s a great opportunity to curry some favor with your significant other. A well-thought out gift on the most romantic day of the year can do wonders for your relationship, even long after February has passed. Here are some of our favorite Valentine’s gift ideas for scoring points with your loved one. 

1. A Beautiful Bouquet

This one is a no brainer; beautiful florals should be the starting point of any Valentine’s gift. We like Valentine’s Day flowers from The Bouqs for a selection that goes way beyond red roses, so you can select the bouquet that goes best with the rest of your gift. Plus, blooms are proven to boost the happiness of the person who receives them, so there’s no way you can go wrong. 

2. A Unique Home Decor Item 

While this isn’t a traditional Valentine’s gift, it’s a pretty genius one. Surprising your love with an item they can put on display and look at every day means they have a constant reminder of how well you care for them. Plus, home items (beyond the utilitarian items we use every day) are items we don’t often splurge on for ourselves, making them even more special for the recipient. 

3. A Miniature Version of Something They Love 

We recommend making your Valentine’s  gift something the recipient uses often. That way, they have a recurring reminder of your love. One great way to do this? Gift them something they can carry around in their pocket. Get creative here, and think outside the box. You can find mint tin amplifiers for your guitarist boyfriend, palm-sized flashlights for your beloved camper, or luxury hand sanitizer for your wife who’s tired of the store-brand stuff. The world is your (miniscule) oyster!

4. A Game for the Two of You to Play Together

In our increasingly teched-out world, there’s nothing like the cozy sense of togetherness bred by a digital-free board game. These days, there are tons of modern options to choose from, so you don’t have to default to the classics if you don’t want to. We recommend pairing this gift with a bottle of wine and a date on the calendar for a playful night in. 

5. Something to Keep Them Warm 

When you can’t be there to keep them warm, give your lover something to do the job for you. (And write that in the card you give them, too.) We recommend a cashmere or knit throw blanket. Or if you’re feeling really indulgent, choose that designer jacket they’ve had their eye on. 

6. A Homemade Dinner from Start to Finish 

If you’re not an everyday cook, this is certainly the most industrious option. But the amount of effort you put in here will be reflected in your loved one’s gratitude, so we say go for it! A perfect Valentine’s Dinner starts before the food hits the table — set the scene with candles, low light, music and a glass of wine waiting for your favorite person when they arrive. We recommend prepping as much of the meal beforehand as possible, too. That way, when your Valentine comes to dinner, you’re able to spend more time with them, and you’re less stressed, too. While an elaborate home-baked dessert would be a stunning end to the night, nobody would fault you for serving some good vanilla bean ice cream with Valentine’s-appropriate red berries, or for picking up a dozen frosted cookies at your local bakery. 

Whatever you end up gifting your valentine, do it with love and intention, and we promise they’ll adore it!

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